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Jan 8, 2018
Course that you need to look and make great photos and work as an freelancer to make money

What you'll learn
  • Retouch their photos to make them look great from others and can look in the photos as they want to look
  • They will be able to make these effects professionally to make money
  • Save time and money to visit studio for editing or a reshoot
  • You will feel confident about your photos
  • Students don't need to anything before starting the course, just basics about the photoshop are required .
  • The tutorials are made in stepwise easy manner so that everybody can follow it
High-End Beauty
Images are desired product in an advertisement of luxurious products as well as in Fashion and Beauty magazines or for your personal use and for your clients. In this course You will learn the best techniques for High and Beauty Retouch, which are going to place Your retouching skills on a totally new level.
If You are here - You are probably someone who is into Photoshop and retouching. And it's quite possible that You are a person who was wondered how to get that perfect photos look.
You might want to get into high end Beauty Retouch or You might be a person who has been doing it for a while and just want to get some of new techniques, or maybe improve Your current skills and make it fast and easy. If You are any of these person You are in the right place. In this small and efficient course I am going to show You techniques that going to push You into totally new level in Photo retouching.
In this course I am going to share with You all of the secrets and techniques I am using to get the perfect look. During few hours of my workflow You'll get the skills that going to make You the best in Your field.
What This Course Include?
- Whole process of basic skin retouch so You will be able to retouch the skin and hair.
- Shaping the face to make it sharpen and with a perfect shape.
- Full lip retouch which shows how to retouch, fix the color and contours of the lips.
- Complete Eyes retouch which shows You how to make the eyes bigger, how to retouch them, as well as how to sharpen and brighten them up!
- Nails Retouch.
- Complete Dodge & Burn guide which shows You how to do global and local Dodge & Burn in the right way.
- You will also learn about how to be in shape in photos and teeth whitening in this course

Who this course is for:
  • This course should be taken by those who wants to learn retouching and beyond photoshop basics,who wants to work with photographers,who want to earn some extra cash by doing these effects,who wants to keep the photos alive and the way you wanted it
  • Those who want to start retouching professionally.
  • For those who wants to so something different with photos
  • Who wants to amaze everybody by their looks in photos

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