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Jan 8, 2018

Forget Dropshipping Learn Drop Servicing 10X To Dropshipping

Dropshipping was good but now Drop servicing took the place Dropshipping Evolution to Drop Servicing 10X more profitable
Forget Dropshipping Learn Drop Servicing 10X To Dropshipping | Udemy
What you'll learn
  • You will learn complete Drop Servicing Online Business.
  • You will learn how to create a professional, beautiful and responsive drop servicing website.
  • You will learn the strategies for getting clients for free.
  • You will learn how to receive work orders, receiving payments, dealing with Freelancers and more.
  • You will learn how to create the Affiliate System on your Drop Servicing website to make more sales.

  • No skills or experience require for taking this course.

Dropshipping and Drop servicing are two similar online businesses, but the difference between dropshipping and drop servicing is that in drop shipping you have to sell physical products on your website while in drop servicing you have to sell services.
In Dropshipping you have to showcase products on your website and when you receive an order you send the order details to the supplier and then the supplier ship the product to the customer, while in Drop Servicing you have to showcase services on your website, and when you receive an order so you send the order details to a freelancer on a freelancing website like Fiverr or Upwork and the freelancer complete the service for your customer.
Now in the Shopify Dropshipping business, the profit margin is very low as compared to the WordPress Drop Servicing business, for example, if you are selling a product for 100 dollars on your dropshipping website so the maximum you can keep your margin in that product is 15 or 20 dollars but in Drop Servicing the profit margin is very high because if you visit Fiverr or Upwork or any freelancing website so there you will see that thousands of freelancers are available for providing different types of services on a very low price like 5 dollars 10 dollars and 20 dollars, for example, you can get the business card designing service for 20 dollars maximum on Fiverr but you can sell this service on your Dropservicing website easily on 70 dollars or 80 dollars.
Dropshipping was good but now there are a lot of competitors in this business also this is very difficult to sell a physical product compared to selling a service, you will have the headaches of deliveries in drop shipping but in drop servicing, there are no headaches of shipments and also I will teach you strategies in this course which will give you customers for free rather than running ads and spending your money on ads budgets as you do for your Shopify drop shipping website.
So basically in drop servicing you create a landing page on your website and you showcase some services on your website landing page for example building a website, creating video animations, designing wedding cards, doing SEO for websites, creating video ads, designing business cards, or graphic designing services or illustration services or writing books, etc, but you are not the one to do these services for your customers, you simply when receiving an order you send it to the freelancer on a freelancing website and when the freelancer complete the service he sends it back to you and you forward it to the customer so this is what we call Drop servicing business.
Dropshipping have the same business pattern but in Shopify dropshipping you are selling physical products and the problem is you have a very low-profit margin for example you have to sell a thousand products to earn four thousand dollars, but in WordPress drop servicing you have to sell a few services to earn a thousand dollars, so drop servicing is 10 times more profitable than drop shipping.
One more thing is that building a Shopify drop shipping website is very expansive while in this course I will teach you how to create a drop servicing website at approximately no cost and with WordPress not with Shopify.
If you watch the first free preview lecture of this drop servicing course you will understand the complete game of drop servicing business and I am sure you will then invest your time and efforts in starting a drop servicing business rather than struggling to succeed in Shopify dropshipping.
In this dropservicing course, I will also teach you 3 mastermind strategies to get clients for free, I will teach you how to create an affiliate program system on your dropservicing website to get thousands of clients for free without spending on running ads, and at the end of this course, you will be able to create and run your own online drop servicing website.
So stop thinking of Shopify Dropshipping now and learn Drop Servicing with WordPress the easiest online business.

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