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Learn to setup Google Analytics the right way - Specifically designed for Web Designers and Agencies

What you'll learn
  • trust the data they are gathering
  • setup Google Analytics according to Best Practices
  • identify common mistakes of a faulty GA installation
  • understand the underlying principles of setting up Google Analytics correctly

  • no prior knowledge required

Do you TRUST the data you see in your clients Google Analytics account? Having trouble figuring out the CONFIGURATION that works best for your clients? Need a PROCESS that gives you a super solid setup of Google Analytics? This course if for you.
After working with many different companies on their Google Analytics accounts I often noticed wide data gaps due to a faulty setup of Google Analytics. The big problem of Google Analytics is: It's not Retroactive - You can't go back and make changes to the existing Data in your Account.
You need to track it RIGHT from the start.
This video training will give you all the tools to provide your clients with a SUPER solid setup of Google Analytics.
A Google Analytics account with….
  • accurate data that you can trust
  • best practice configurations
  • customized to your client
This course was specifically designed for Web Designers, Agencies, Developers and all those who often setup Google Analytics accounts for their clients. I know that speed, accuracy and scalability are important in this industry, so I've build this as a PROCESS driven course, which you can pass on to whoever sets it up.
You'll get:
  • a step by step Video Guide (explained in over 20 videos) on how to setup GA
  • a Process that you can follow (over and over again) or even outsource
  • a Checklist that you can use to give to your clients upon completion
  • extra Resources to customize your Clients Google Analytics installation
Need more information? Please feel free to reach out via my instructor profile.
Who this course is for:
  • Web Professionals who setup Google Analytics Accounts often
  • Web Designers, Web Agencies, Web Developers, Internet Marketers


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