WP Rocket - Best WordPress Caching Plugin

Other WP Rocket - Best WordPress Caching Plugin 3.14.0 NULLED

  • Regression fix: correct an issue which prevented sitemap-based preloading from working
3.0.5 June 05, 2018
  • Enhancement: Settings page design update to improve readability and contrast, following our customers feedbacks since the 3.0 release
  • Enhancement: Add a show sidebar switcher on the settings page, to show/hide the sidebar that is mainly useful for new users
  • Enhancement: Revert the CDN field to the pre-3.0 implementation, improving it's usability and fixing a bug with the reserved for selection
  • Enhancement: Specify directly the zone ID in Cloudflare settings instead of using the domain
  • 3rd party compatibility: Improve compatibility with Polylang detect browser language option
  • 3rd party compatibility: Improve compatibility with WeePie Cookie Allow new features
  • 3rd party dependency: Update Minify library version to 1.3.60
  • Bugfix: Correctly minify relative CSS and JavaScript URLs
  • Bugfix: Correctly rewrite referenced file paths in CSS files when using minification/cache busting on a subfolder installation
  • Bugfix: Prevent full cache clear when an image is uploaded to a draft
  • White label: You can replace the default WP Rocket footprint by a generic one by using the WP_ROCKET_WHITE_LABEL_FOOTPRINT constant.
  • Enhancement: Improve compatibility with Kinsta in the case where the installation is missing Kinsta mu-plugin, and correctly clear Kinsta cache when using "Purge this URL" on the front-end
  • Enhancement: Generate WP Rocket caching files on Siteground even for sites with a version older than 4.0.5 of SG Optimizer
  • Enhancement: Add back placeholders in some WP Rocket textareas fields to hint at the correct syntax to use
  • Bugfix: Prevent incorrectly rewritten URL paths in minified/busted CSS files in some cases
  • Bugfix: Fix a conflict with the SumoMe plugin which prevented WP Rocket settings tabs navigation from working
  • Bugfix: Prevent database optimization counting the number of items to optimize on all admin pages instead of only WP Rocket settings apge
  • Bugfix: Database optimization "Optimize" button now optimize correctly even if the settings didn't change
  • Dependency: Update lazyload script the to latest available version
  • Enhancement: Re-introduce cache SSL option, as many website use https but the WordPress home URL doesn't reflect it, which prevented correct caching of https page
  • Bugfix: Display all options if a JavaScript conflict occurs, to keep them accessible even if the navigation doesn't work
  • Bugfix: Fix an issue with the rollback not working for old PHP/WordPress versions installations
  • Bugfix: Fix a PHP Notice related to the database automatic cleanup frequency
  • Enhancement: Save dynamic CSS/JS as static file when the only query string is the WP version
  • Enhancement: Require composer autoload only if it exists to improve compatibility with site wide composer installation
  • Enhancement: Exclude PDF from gzip
  • Enhancement: Apply lazyload on WPTouch version of the website
  • Bugfix: Prevent wrong URLs in some cases for CSS @import or url() after minification or remove query strings
  • Bugfix: Minification and remove query strings are correctly applied on languages other than the default one when using a multilingual plugin
  • Bugfix: Improve home path detection function to prevent some cases where the value was incorrect and prevented minification/remove query strings
  • Bugfix: Prevent the homepage from being excluded from cache when WPS Hide Login URL is empty
  • Bugfix: Clear cache when a post is updated via XML-RPC
  • Bugfix: Correctly add the htaccess rewrite rules when disabling mobile cache option without disabling specific cache for mobile option first
  • Bugfix: Correctly load critical CSS on taxonomy archive pages
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