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Download WP Rocket v3.14.0 - Caching Plugin for WordPress Nulled Free

Staggered version available for 15% of customers.
3rd-party compatibility: Introduce Cloudflare APO compatibility (#3180)
3rd-party compatibility: Improve TranslatePress and RUCSS compatibility (#5640)
Enhancement: Rewrite Cloudflare Add-on code (#5729)
Enhancement: Bump minimum WordPress version to 5.8, PHP to 7.3

Download WP Rocket v3.12.6 - Caching Plugin for WordPress Nulled Free

v3.12.6 February 20, 2023
  • BugFix: Partial URL added to Never Cache URLs is excluded from preloading #5588
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Add compatibility with Members #5668
  • Enhancement: Clear cache partially instead of globally when Never cache This Page is changed in the Edit screen metabox #4773
  • BugFix: Used CSS isnot generated automatically for home page in certain cases #5631
  • Enhancement: Update Minify dependency with latest changes #5617
  • BugFix: Lazyload compatibility with the new Avada background markup #5649
  • BugFix: Preload can get stuck when disabling Remove Unused CSS while there are pending jobs #5671
  • Enhancement: Remove Unused CSS - Detect usage of Perfmatters' Used CSS #5533
  • Enhancement: Detect usage of Autoptimize's RapidLoad Used CSS #5424
  • BugFix: Improve the logic of adding URLs to the preload queue #5619
  • Enhancement: ONE - RocketCDN's CTA banner is displayed in the CDN tab #5682
  • Enhancement: Update action scheduler to v3.5.4 #5714
  • Enhancement: Preload - disable preload for pagination pages by default #5544
  • Enhancement: Missing column on wp_wpr_rocket_cache during updates #5645
  • Enhancement: Improve webp detection on apple devices #5654
  • BugFix: Update Delay JS script to the latest version #5756
3.10.9 March 3, 2022
This release is a staggered one. It's available for 15% of our users for now. We'll increase the percentage over time.
  • Enhancement: Update our delay JS script (#4682)
  • Enhancement: Add additional exclusions from minify JS (#4706, #4740, #4743, #4770)
  • Enhancement: Remove some unnecessary database queries done by WP Rocket on the admin side (#1599)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Prevent JS error when using Elementor with combine JS (#4701)
  • 3r party compatibility: Improve compatibility when using Elementor and specific page CSS (#3327, #3426)
3.10.8 February 17, 2022
  • Removed OPCache purging from the plugin (#4439)
  • Enhancement: Add additional exclusions from JS minification (#4656, #4720)
  • Enhancement: Add additional exclusions from delay JS execution (#4492)
  • Enhancement: Add missing image dimensions on SVG images (#3727)
  • Bugfix: prevent JS error en post edit screen when load CSS asynchronously is enabled but our metabox is not displayed (#3395)
  • Bugfix: Prevent unexpected exclusions when an URL contains feed (#2852)
  • Bugfix: Clean the busting directory when purging the cache (#3617)
  • Bugfix: Prevent preload of affiliates links to avoid inflated counts (#4586)
  • Bugfix: Improve logic to remove the critical CSS when all the CSS have been loaded (#3009)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Prevent caching the service worker URL when using the PWA plugin (#3520)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Improve compatibility with the web stories plugin (#4724)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Improve compatibility with WCML (#4070)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Update the compatibility code for Kinsta (#4717)
3.10.7 January 27, 2022
  • Enhancement: Increase SVG expiration to 4 months in htaccess configuration (#4603)
  • Enhancement: Add additional exclusions from defer JS (#4539, #4553, #4593)
  • Enhancement: Add additional exclusions from minify JS (#4593, #4616, #4654)
  • Enhancement: Add additional exclusions from delay JS execution (#4611, #4654)
  • Enhancement: Update the WP tested version value from our API (#3570)
  • Enhancement: Update the renewal banners displayed on the settings page (#4627)
  • Bugfix: Prevent applying defer JS exclusions to combine JS when defer JS is disabled (#4089)
  • Bugfix: Add the missing image dimension when only one of the dimension is defined (#3523)
  • Regression fix: Prevent removing IE conditional comments when async CSS is enabled (#4639)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Disable Google fonts optimization and minify JS on AMP pages (#4563)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Exclude WhatsApp user agent from cache (#4507)
3.10.6 January 6, 2022
  • Enhancement: exclude additional patterns from JS minification (#4227, #4364)
  • Enhancement: exclude additional patterns from delay JS execution (#4358, #4506, #4604)
  • Enhancement: add a new filter rocket_exclude_post_taxonomy to exclude a post taxonomy from cache purge (#2820)
  • Bugfix: avoid adding commented-out stylesheet links into the <noscript> tag when using load CSS asynchronously (#4186)
  • Bugfix: prevent PHP notices in some cases when purging the cache for terms (#3464)
  • Bugfix: prevent unexpected closing of congratulations banner when closing the promo banner (#4064)
  • Regression fix: correctly exclude images using skip-lazy or data-skip-lazy from lazyload (#4576) December 16, 2021
  • BugFix: Hotfix (#4590) adjust rocketcdn pricing issue (PR #4592)
3.10.5 December 9, 2021
  • Enhancement: Allow to filter the value of font-display for Google Fonts #4219
  • Enhancement: Prevent rewriting the URLs to CDN inside inline scripts #2849
  • Enhancement: Allow to disable CDN rewriting for relative paths #2849
  • Enhancement: Styling change of the RocketCDN banner #4542
  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP Warning when unexpected pattern is added to Defer JS input field #3967
  • Bugfix: Prevent wrong path rewrites in some cases when optimizing Google Fonts #3813
  • 3rd party compatibility: Display notices when Ezoic plugin is enabled #2200
  • 3rd party compatibility: Improve the notices when conflicting Autoptimize features are enabled #4558
  • 3rd party compatibility: Load JavaScript Deferred and ReCaptcha plugins compatibility #4515
  • 3rd party compatibility: Delay JS and simpli.fy platform compatibility #4498
  • 3rd party compatibility: Minify JS and CleverPush compatibility #4104
  • 3rd party compatibility: Minify JS and Afterpay compatibility #4526
3.10.4 November 25, 2021
  • Enhancement: Add site's name to the exported filename (#4487)
  • Enhancement: Make LazyLoad for iframes compatible with a11y audit, preview image will receive focus now (#4436)
  • Bugfix: Remove the last GLOB_BRACE from the codebase (#146)
  • Bugfix: Fix the display of messages when using incorrect syntax in specific fields (#4314)
  • Bugfix: Prevent fatal error when receiving empty value in preg_split() function (#4509)
  • Bugfix: Improve the regex to find and process more Google Fonts markups (#4188)
  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP Warning when unexpected pattern is added to DelayJS input field (#4136)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Add delay JS compatibility with GravityForms when using Recaptcha (#4425)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Display notices when conflicting features are enabled in Autoptimize (#4013, #4472)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Improve handling WooCommerce images while Delay JS is enabled (#4417)
  • i18n: Fixed Brazilian translation (#4395)
3.10.3 November 11, 2021
  • Enhancement: Clear Used CSS after editing a taxonomy (#4299)
  • Enhancement: Display a warning when the user adds "/" into the Never Cache URL(s) box (#352)
  • Enhancement: Delay JS - Exclude Jetpack Boost's lazyload scripts (#4473)
  • Enhancement: Add a secret key to the folder name of the common cache for logged in users (#4482)
  • Bugfix: Prevent fatal error when AddDefaultCharset directive is added to .htaccess with missing $charset value (#3704)
  • Bugfix: Prevent the removal of default LL of WordPress for iframe when Lazyload Images feature is enabled (#4460)
  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP Notice when excluding domain name from Defer JS while Minify JS is enabled (#4466)
  • Bugfix: Better handling of linear-gradient() function in Removed Unused CSS (#4463)
  • Bugfix: Possibility to delay script which contains term "type" in the URL (#4382)
  • Bugfix: Prevent removing SVG elements from Used CSS (#4474)
  • Regression Fix: Revert Delay JS script to (#4497)
  • 3rd Party compatibility: Add check for updated classname in PDFEmbedder compatibility (#4491)
3.10.2 October 28, 2021
  • Enhancement: Update our delay JS execution script to fix a bug with events being triggered twice and to load JS files when the page is loaded in a hidden browser tab (#4354, #4451)
  • Enhancement: Update the lazyload script to the latest version (#3510)
  • Enhancement: Add filter rocket_rucss_safelist to filter the Remove Unused CSS safelist value (#4343)
  • Bugfix: Prevent removing style tags inserted with inline JS when Remove Unused CSS is enabled (#4331)
  • Bugfix: Prevent useless call to wp_clear_scheduled_hook() when Remove Unused CSS is disabled (#4337)
  • Bugfix: Prevent console error in some cases when lazyload is enabled (#3976)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Improve compatibility with Avada and delay JS on WC product pages (#4224)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Improve compatibility with Wordfence and our background processes (#3916)
  • 3rd party compatibility: No longer exclude WP Retina 2x images from lazyload (#2492)
3.10.1 October 14, 2021
  • Enhancement: Add additional exclusions for minify JS, combine JS, defer JS (#4329, #4332, #4349, #4405, #4420)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Improve compatibility with Divi 4.10 (#4320)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Improve compatibility with Uncode 2.5 (#4366)
  • Bugfix: Stop our background processes when updating or rolling back to avoid errors (#4391)
  • Bugfix: Update documentation link related to WooCommerce in our settings page (#4260)
  • Bugfix: Prevent errors with delay JS execution when parsing big HTML pages (#4374, #4397)
3.10 September 28, 2021
  • Enhancement: Update minimum WP version to 5.4 (#4341)
  • Enhancement: Implement a new UI for Optimized CSS Delivery (#4245)
  • Enhancement: Move WebP Compatibility option to a One-Click Rocket Add-on (#3804)
  • Enhancement: Add expiration rules for avif image format (#4206)
  • Enhancement: Remove the Disable Embeds option (#3773)
  • Enhancement: Remove the Delete Expired Transients option (#3578)
  • Enhancement: Empty some files no longer needed (#3839) June 24, 2021
This version is now available for a random sample of 75% of our users. We will release this version to 100% of our users in the next few days. More Information.
  • Enhancement: Update links on settings page sidebar (Replace sidebar content #3913)
  • Enhancement: Disable delay JS by default for new installations (Don't activate Delay JS for new users by default + delay everything once it will be activated #4085)
  • Bugfix: delete used-css folder on uninstall (Used CSS folder shall be deleted when deleting the plugin #3966)
  • Bugfix: Add swap property to fonts in used CSS (RUCSS does not add the font-display="swap" property when Optimize CSS Delivery is not active #3993)
  • Bugfix: Prevent used CSS generation from processing styles inside noscript elements (RUCSS problem with tags #3957)
  • Bugfix: Avoid used CSS generation from being stuck in some cases (Fix RUCSS ResourceFetcher fetch all page urls #3988)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Exclude some JS of GTM4WP from delay JS (Add Delay JS exclusion related to Google Tag Manager for WordPress #4071)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Avoid an error when using ShortPixel AI with Remove Unused CSS enabled (3.9 RUCSS - PHP Fatal error - too few arguments passed in rocket_css_content #3991) June 18, 2021
This version is now available for a random sample of 45% of our users. We will release this version to 100% of our users in the next few days. More Information.
  • Bugfix: Temporarily disable WooCommerce Multilingual compatibility to avoid issues related to excessive cookie generation from WCML (#3998) June 15, 2021
This version is now available for a random sample of 45% of our users. We will release this version to 100% of our users in the next few days. More Information.
  • Bugfix: Prevent delay JS not working in some conditions (#3961, #4002, #4004)
  • Bugfix: Add auto-exclusions from delay JS for Divi, WPForms, NinjaForms (#3987, #4014, #4029) June 3, 2021
This version is now available for a random sample of 45% of our users. We will release this version to 100% of our users in the next few days. More Information.
  • Enhancement: Prevent showing the Image Optimization tab on settings page when white label is enabled (#3120)
  • Enhancement: Prevent showing the Beacon & ask support buttons when white label is enabled (#2876)
  • Enhancement: Update our new delay JS script to fix some issues discovered (#3934)
  • Bugfix: Enable plugin installation through composer when using composer v2 (#3478)
  • Bugfix: Correctly preload fonts when Optimize CSS Delivery is enabled (#3927)
  • Bugfix: Remove charset=utf-8 from application/json content type (#3645)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Display a warning when WP Meteor is enabled while delay JS is enabled in WP Rocket (#3945)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Add automatic exclusions from delay JS (#3932, #3941, #3950, #3959)
3.9 May 19, 2021
This version is now available for a random sample of 45% of our users. We will release this version to 100% of our users in the next few days. More Information.
  • This version requires the WordPress version to be 5.3 or above
  • New Beta feature: Remove Unused CSS. This feature removes all the unused CSS from the page, reducing page size and lower the number of HTTP request (#3635)
  • Enhancement: new version of our delay JS feature. It is now applied on all javascript files by default, instead of using an inclusion list (#3738)
  • Google & Facebook tracking one-click add-ons have been removed. We now recommend to use the delay JS option to optimize loading of those 3rd party scripts (#3597)
  • Bugfix: Prevent caching of incomplete pages to avoid blank pages (#2776)
  • Regression fix: Revert the removal of the preloaded fonts when CPCSS is enabled (#3785)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Add compatibility with WooCommerce Multilingual currency switcher (#3418)
3.8.8 April 1, 2021
  • Enhancement: Don't add font-face in Critical CSS & remove preload fonts when Optimize CSS Delivery is enabled. This change should result in an overall improvement of the Core Web Vitals score (#3667)
  • Bugfix: Correctly purge expired cache on some environments (#3668)
  • Bugfix: Only add the preconnect link to Google fonts domain when there is Google fonts on the page (#3219)
  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP error in some cases during license validation (#3449)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Add new inline JS exclusions from combine JS (#3665, #3671, #3683)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Ignore pinterest ads query string when serving the cache(#3682)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Exclude nonce actions for Discount rules and Dynamic pricing for WooCommerce (#3679)
3.8.7 March 18, 2021
  • Enhancement: Update exclusions from combine and defer JS (#3609, #3619, #3634, #3638)
  • Enhancement: Update never cache URLs placeholder to avoid confusion (#2883)
  • Enhancement: Add new filter to rewrite custom srcset values to the CDN URL (#2812)
  • Bugfix: Correctly update our config file with the AMP query string when activating the plugin (#3528)
  • Bugfix: Prevent incorrect CDN URL rewrite on srcset with duplicated URLs (#2041)
  • Bugfix: Apply the font-display:swap property to the generated CPCSS (#3114)
  • Bugfix: Prevent rewriting images with the webp extension in a content attribute (#3073)
  • Bugfix: Prevent a PHP notice in some cases if a value is not set in the update object (#3394)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Add nonce value exclusion for Tiered Pricing Table for WooCommerce (#3652)
  • Regression fix: Prevent empty filename when minifying CSS files using relative URLs (#3044)
  • Regression fix: Correctly move @import rules at the top of the combined CSS file (#3039)
  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP fatal error from using deprecated Minify_HTML class (#3047)
  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP warning Cannot declare class Rocket_Mobile_Detect, because the name is already in use (#3052)
3.7 August 27, 2020 (Staggered 10%)
  • New feature: Delay JavaScript execution - Improves performance by delaying the loading of JavaScript files until user interaction (e.g. scroll, click) (#2899)
  • New feature: Preload Links - Prefetch pages before the user clicks on a link to improve perceived loading speed & user experience (#2898)
  • Enhancement: Host locally & minify 3rd party CSS & JS files when minify CSS/JS option are enabled (#2810)
  • Enhancement: Automatically add font-display:swap to CSS files containing a font-face to improve rendering time (#2791)
  • Enhancement: Combine 3rd party CSS files into the combined CSS files when combine CSS is enabled (#2689)
  • Enhancement: The Optimize Google Fonts option is now automatically enabled & applied (#2877)
  • Enhancement: Protect our code from conflicts with other plugins using the same libraries as WP Rocket (#3005, #2126)
  • Enhancement: Troubleshoot issues with a dedicated query string to bypass WP Rocket (#2576)
  • Option removal: Remove the minify HTML option, as its impact on loading time and file size is negligible (#2682)
  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP notice related to an undefined variable $home_root_length (#2450)
  • Bugfix: Prevent a PHP fatal error when using Optimize Google Fonts in some cases (#2962)
3.6.4 August 18, 2020
  • 3rd party compatibility: Prevent PHP fatal error following WooCommerce 4.4 update (#3003)
  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP notices related to the REST API since WordPress 5.5 (#2985)
3.6.3 August 3, 2020
  • Enhancement: Allow using wildcards in the Always Purge URL(s) field in WP Rocket settings (#1523)
  • Enhancement: Completely remove usage of glob() function in our codebase. It will make it work correctly on some hostings where it was not the case before (#146)
  • Bugfix: Prevent a delayed FOUC issue in some cases when using Optimize CSS Delivery and Firefox (#2828)
  • Bugfix: Correctly replace Google Analytics/Google Tag Manager scripts when using relative protocol or async tag (#1315)
  • Bugfix: Prevent broken display when using HTML minification & the page contains IE conditionals markers (#2914)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Prevent a PHP fatal error when using our varnish custom ip helper plugin on O2Switch with PHP 7.1+ (#2640)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Correctly clear Savvii cache when clearing WP Rocket cache on Savvii hosting (#1075)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Don’t write the advanced-cache.php file on WPEngine (#2855)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Add automatic compatibility with wordpress.com plans allowing plugins installation (Approval from WordPress.com pending) (#2814)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Disable the Replace Youtube iframe with preview image when using Divi or child theme (#1803) July 21, 2020
  • Regression fix: Revert the update to the method to load CSS files asynchronously with the Optimize CSS Delivery option, because of issues created by the use of the DOMDocument library (#2895)
  • Regression fix: Prevent a fatal error when using lazyload on images whose HTML includes special characters used in regular expressions (#2873)
3.6.2 July 8, 2020
  • Enhancement: Update the method to load CSS files asynchronously with the Optimize CSS Delivery option. The plugin now uses the media="print" technique in addition to preload for better performance and compatiblity (#2658)
  • Enhancement: Prevent adding the WP_CACHE constant to wp-config.php if it’s already defined to true somewhere else. Introduce the filter rocket_set_wp_cache_constant to completely prevent WP Rocket from writing in wp-config.php (#2502)
  • Enhancement: Add tags for lazyloaded elements (#2704)
  • Enhancement: Add additional exclusions from combine JavaScript & defer JavaScript (#2833, #2843, #2731)
  • Enhancement Remove instances of the terms blacklist, whitelist from our codebase (#2782)
  • Bugfix: Prevent issue with lazyload for background images when the image URL is wrapped in escaped quotes (#2822)
  • Bugfix: Prevent some issues with lazyload when adding the rocket-lazyload class if the class attribute is empty or the HTML is malformed (#2705, #2706)
  • Bugfix: Prevent missing icons on the WP Rocket settings page in some specific instances (#2723)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Automatic compatibility with SpinUpWP hosting (#1678)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Disable the automatic Varnish purge on Cloudways when Varnish is deactivated for the website (#2668)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Automatically exclude the PDF Embedder plugin JavaScript files from combination (#2242)
3.6.1 June 24, 2020
  • Enhancement: Clear the post cache automatically when Specific CPCSS is generated or deleted (#2739)
  • Enhancement: Prevent a 500 error on WP Rocket activation when the opening comment tag is on the same line as the opening php tag (#2537)
  • Enhancement: Load external Wistia JavaScript only once on WP Rocket settings page (#2659)
  • Enhancement: Remove duplicated admin notice about advanced-cache.php (#2730)
  • Enhancement: Automatically exclude anything under the /feed/ path, instead of excluding only the parent path (#2607)
  • Enhancement: Automatically exclude externally hosted jQuery from defer JavaScript when defer safe mode + combine JavaScript files are active (#2493)
  • Enhancement: Don't write in the .htaccess file on WPEngine (#2345)
  • Bugfix: Correctly clear the whole hierarchy of a term when a post belonging to them is updated (#2461)
  • Bugfix: Correctly delete all files from dates archives cache when a related post is updated (#2491)
  • Bugfix: Correctly remove lazyload CSS and JavaScript files on search pages (#2535)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Correctly remove inline CSS for lazyLoad on pages generated by AMP plugin (#2523) June 16, 2020
  • Bugfix: Remove rules in the .htaccess to automatically serve pre-compressed CSS/JS files, as it was causing display issues on LiteSpeed server. The pre-compressed files are still generated and can be used if your server configuration is set to do so (#2779)
  • New feature: Lazyload picture elements (#1563)
  • New feature: Lazyload background images added inline in the HTML content with the background-image CSS attribute (#1563)
  • New feature: NGINX FastCGI Cache Add-on, to synchronize WP Rocket cache purge with NGINX Cache purge (#1565)
  • Enhancement: Update the way lazyload is applied to catch more images and be more compatible (#1563)
  • Enhancement: Add preload fallback system for sitemap preload in case there is an error during parsing of the sitemaps (#1306)
  • Enhancement: Automatic compatibility with Pressable hosting. WP Rocket is now usable on Pressable (#1572)
  • Enhancement: Ignore utm_term parameter during caching when used in the URL (#1564)
  • Bugfix: Prevent cache file not being generated if filename is longer than 255 characters (#1538)
  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP warning when using the GDPR plugin (#1537)
3.1.4 September 17, 2018
  • Enhancement: automatically move some inline JS depending on jQuery after the combined file to prevent JS errors
  • Enhancement: any external or inline JS between noptimize HTML comments will be ignored during JS combine
  • Enhancement: optimize Youtube play image used for the Replace YouTube iframe with preview image option
  • Bugfix: caching now works with a URL using a port number
  • Bugfix: prevent the Google recaptcha iframe fallback from being incorrectly displayed when using the Lazyload iframes option September 2, 2018
  • Notice: This patch is only to prevent the false positive warning about the rocket-mobile-detect.php file containing a suspected malware URL. The URL in question was present in a comment in the file concerned. Comments are not executable code, and thus, the presence of this URL in the comment cannot cause any direct harm to our users websites. We removed the URL to stop the warning in Wordfence.
  • If you are not using Wordfence, you can skip this version August 30, 2018
  • Bugfix: Prevent issues when inline javascript has comments in it with combine JS active
3.1.3 August 29, 2018
  • Enhancement: Update Pagely compatibility to handle cache deletion
  • Enhancement: Add a new textarea field to include inline Javascript from WP Rocket settings
  • Enhancement: 3rd party Javascript can be excluded from the same textarea field as the internal Javascript files
  • Enhancement: Automatically exclude inline Javascript added by wp_localize_script() from combine Javascript, as it is not necessary and can cause issues
  • Bugfix: Auto-exclude gist.github.com and content.jwplatform.com from defer JS to prevent display issues
  • Bugfix: Prevent a possible PHP fatal error when importing settings from a site with Cloudflare active to a site with Cloudflare inactive
  • Bugfix: Prevent cache not working when the site path ended with the character 2
  • Bugfix: Prevent cross-origin fonts htaccess rules from being added when they shouldn't
3.1.2 August 21, 2018
  • Enhancement: Auto-exclude additional inline scripts to improve compatibility for the combine JS option
  • Enhancement: The option Replace YouTube iframe with preview image new works with Youtube cookieless domain
  • 3rd party enhancement: Clear WP Rocket cache when Beaver Builder clears its own cache
  • Bugfix: Prevent minifying/combinying styles/scripts that are commented in the HTML markup
  • Bugfix: Prevent a PHP fatal error when trying to make a donation with Give and the sequential order option active
  • Bugfix: Prevent display issue on a Youtube playlist with the option Replace YouTube iframe with preview image
  • Bugfix: Preserve video parameter when using the option Replace YouTube iframe with preview image
  • Bugfix: Prevent a 404 error in Google Search Console for the lazyload script
  • Bugfix: Prevent returning to Beaver Builder builder page when using the clear cache link in the admin bar August 10, 2018
  • Regression fix: Prevent a PHP fatal error "undefined function" on activation on Apache, because the fuctions were in a file not loaded in the activation hook
3.1.1 August 10, 2018
  • Bugfix: Prevent the plugin from removing custom cron schedules if the Google Tracking Add-on is not active
  • Bugfix: Prevent a PHP Fatal Error is a call to a deprecated WP Rocket function is made by another plugin
  • Bugfix: Improve URL to path conversion function to prevent errors with some relative CSS/JS URLs during minification/combine/remove query strings
  • Bugfix: Add more default exclusions to combine Javascripts files to prevent errors
  • Bugfix: WP Rocket can now be correctly disabled if activated on the network level on multisite
  • Bugfix: Correctly exclude the REST API on multisite sub-sites
  • Bugfix: Correctly recreate the wp-rocket-config folder if it doesn't exist
  • Bugfix: Correctly position the show sidebar slider for RTL languages
  • Bugfix: Don't display the show sidebar slider on the license screen
3.1 August 06, 2018
  • Requirements change: WP Rocket now requires WordPress 4.7 or higher
  • New feature: Create a cache of WooCommerce empty cart content to improve loading time of the wc-ajax=get_refreshed_fragments AJAX request
  • New feature: Google Tracking one-click add-on enables you to create a local cache version of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager files, improving browser caching for them
  • Enhancement: Combining JS files also combines inline and 3rd party scripts, resulting in a better compatibility and no render-blocking files
  • Enhancement: Improve compatibility with WooCommerce Multilingual currency switcher
  • Enhancement: Improve detection of some CSS files during minification/combine
  • Enhancement: Specific compatibility for Uncode theme related to the combine JavaScript option, to prevent display issues
  • Enhancement: Automatic compatibility with o2switch Varnish xTremCache when active
  • Fix: Correctly assign the return value of the set_rocket_wp_cache_define filter
  • Fix: Prevent incorrect display of the license expiration date in the dashboard in some cases
  • Fix: Prevent caching of pages with a 403 or 500 error code
  • Fix: Prevent entire site from being excluded from cache when WooCommerce pages are not correctly defined or published
  • Fix: Prevent a php warning in some cases with a multilingual plugin when clearing the cache
  • Fix: Prevent a fatal error on WPS Hide Login activation with the new version of this plugin
  • Fix: Correctly rewrite inline styles images URLs to the CDN only if the CDN is set to all or images
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