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Total - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Themeforest Total - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme 4.8.4

v4.8.4 - March 20, 2019
  • ADDEDFull integration for our brand new Post Types Unlimited free plugin so you can add custom post types and taxonomies (integration means when you go to add a new post type or taxonomy you’ll see many theme specific settings to have greater control such as layout, columns, etc) – video and new docs coming shortly! Note: If you decide to try out the plugin you must add at least 1 post type or taxonomy before the Total settings show up, so add your item click publish and when the page refreshes you’ll see the new settings, yay!
  • ADDEDNew filter “wpex_footer_builder_content” that can be used for child theme edits on the footer builder content
  • ADDED“Soft Crop” option to the image crop locations used for theme image sizes and Total builder modules – this allows you to define a width and height value with a crop value of “false”
  • UPDATEDTypography options to support vw, vmin and vmax inputs
  • UPDATEDTemplatera widget to prevent issues with 3rd party plugins hooking into the_content filter
  • UPDATEDCSS optimizations to remove unused CSS in some 3rd party vendor scripts (iLightbox, owlCarousel)
  • UPDATEDFeatured images will include empty alt attributes if there is no alt (for accessibility reasons)
  • UPDATEDToggle and Full-Screen mobile menu options to remove ID’s to prevent warnings from ADA scanners
  • UPDATEDBreadcrumbs to strip all tags from link names to prevent any issues with html possibly being inserted into titles using filters via 3rd party plugins or child themes
  • UPDATEDRevolution Slider plugin
  • FIXEDIssue with Total WPBakery grid modules displaying extra categories in the filter when load more is enabled and the include categories or exclude categories options are defined
  • FIXEDToggle Bar button color and hover color options not working
  • ADDEDSupport for the “WooCommerce Ajaxified Cart” plugin – video sample
  • ADDEDNew option in the main “Theme Panel” to disable the “Editor Font Family Select” dropdown
  • ADDEDNew filters “wpex_woocommerce_has_product_entry_details_wrap” and “wpex_woocommerce_has_shop_loop_item_inner_div” so you can easily remove the extra elements via your child theme if needed
  • ADDEDCustom layout for Elementor templates that are blank by default and set to full-width / no-sidebar for easier template creation
  • ADDEDCustomizer option to disable the “bubble” look on the woocommerce menu icon number, if disabled the number of items in the cart will display on the side unformatted (as per the old design)
  • ADDEDNew filter “wpex_sidebar_has_fallback”. By default if you set a widget area on your site but it’s empty it will fallback to the “Main Sidebar” widget area. You can use this filter to disable the fallback via a child theme to display an empty sidebar area if there aren’t any widgets added yet
  • ADDEDNew action hooks “wpex_hook_footer_widgets_top” and “wpex_hook_footer_widgets_bottom”
  • UPDATEDWPBakery Visual Page Builder to version 5.7 and Slider Revolution to version
  • UPDATEDHeader/Footer builder functions when using Elementor templates so that the editor will display in the correct location for easier editing, so instead of the editor being in the middle of the page where content goes it will be in the header or footer spot
  • UPDATEDWooCommerce “left” position for the checkout “Review Placement” to actually go below both the billing details and additional information to prevent issues responsively and remove so much extra blank space
  • UPDATEDItalian translation files thanks to viaggiatore_insonne
  • FIXEDIssue with long dropdown menu items with sub-dropdowns going over the dropdown arrow
  • FIXEDLink target not working in Instragram widget
  • FIXEDSingle product price customizer color option not working
  • FIXEDUL/OL list side margin on RTL
  • FIXEDIssue with the email button in the social share builder module not including subject or body
  • FIXEDBreadcrumbs title displaying code on Easy Digital Download products
  • FIXEDInstragram widget responsive setting that couldn’t be disabled
  • FIXED Conflict with the relevanssi plugin to allow user’s to be displayed in search results
  • REMOVEDGoogle Plus from social sharing, author box and social profile listings since the site is going to shut down
  • REMOVEDInline CSS for custom WooCommerce icons targeting the older notification styles
  • ADDED Option to Post Types grid and Post Types Archive modules to add a heading – for users that may need a heading that shows/hides depending if there are posts to show or not
  • ADDEDOption to the Image Grid and Carousel modules to link to the full image without lightbox (so if you want to use your own custom lightbox you can)
  • ADDEDOption to show/hide empty categories for the Categories grid and carousel modules
  • ADDEDNew filter “wpex_callout_button_attributes” so you can customize the footer callout button attributes (href, rel, target, data attributes, etc). Can be used to add custom attributes needed for lead generation plugins or popup scripts
  • ADDEDNew filter “wpex_get_header_aside_search_form_placeholder”
  • UPDATEDWPBakery page builder to version 5.5.4
  • UPDATEDPost Types Carousel module to include extra dynamic classes in each entry (post id, cat, tag, etc)
  • UPDATEDTypography options so the logo, menu, header aside options don’t display when using the custom header builder function and removed the widget typography settings when using footer builder function to prevent confusion
  • FIXEDBug with the staff email links
  • FIXEDBug in the Customizer when disabling the Footer Bottom it doesn’t get removed in the Customizer preview
  • FIXEDTranslation issues with the footer callout button text when a custom icon is added to the button
  • FIXEDBug in the Customizer where the Social Sharing options were showing the words “share”, “tweet”, etc instead of the website name when enabling/disabling sites
  • FIXEDBug with the Overlay Header background option only working for the “white” style