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Jan 8, 2018
General Rules
  1. Staff decisions are final. Arguing about our decisions is hazardous for your account.
  2. There is only one "official" language: English! No exceptions!
  3. Do NOT leech our content anywhere! We will find out and you gonna be permabanned.
  4. Duplicate accounts are absolutely forbidden on Forum Hacks! One person - one account, one IP address ONE account!
  5. The shoutbox is not for requests or support! We have a place for requests and help. Posting links to support threads is the same as asking the question.
  6. If you need your username to be changed contact the staff and do have a very good reason for the change.
  7. Any discussion/linking about or (to) other forums similar to Forum Hacks are not allowed if you do that you will be banned without further notification.
Moderating Rules
  1. The most important rule: Use your better judgment!
  2. Don't be afraid to say NO!
  3. Don't defy another mod in public, instead, send a PM or through IM.
  4. Be tolerant! Give the user(s) a chance to reform.
  5. Don't act prematurely, let the users make their mistakes and THEN correct them.
  6. Try correcting any "off topics" rather then closing a thread.
  7. Move topics rather than locking them.
  8. Be tolerant when moderating the General section (give them some slack).
  9. Always state a reason as to why the user is being banned/warned.
  10. Inactive Moderator or Administrator will be demoted!
Uploading Rules
  1. Before you even consider to upload, use the search tool and make sure the content is not already present on Forum Hacks.
  2. Make sure to choose the right category.
  3. Each and every skins/templates/gfx upload must come with screenshots.
  4. Use tags, this will make looking for content more easier for members.
  5. Every upload must include a preview, failure to do so will result in deletion by staff.
  6. All files must be uploaded through Resource Manager. No Hosted Links Allowed!
General Forum Guidelines
  1. Disruptive behaviour in the forums will result in a warning or even a ban.
  2. No aggressive behavior, foul language (mis-typed or disguised), racism, talking about religion/faith or political slurs and discussions in forum.
  3. No double posting. If you wish to post again, and yours is the last post in the thread please use the EDIT function, instead of posting a double.
  4. Please ensure all questions or comments are posted in the correct section.
  5. Please try to be respectful towards all fellow users. Flaming and abusive behavior will not be tolerated. If you feel to be on the receiving end of such behavior please contact a staff member immediately.
  6. Excessively sarcastic posts or anything that could be mistaken for "trolling" will be removed along with your account banned. If the joke you are making could be seen as offensive to anyone else, do not post it. Think before you post!
  7. Keep all topics to the point, not drifting off and spamming the topic.
  8. We advise you don't write your contact details e.g address or email address publicly on the forums for your own privacy. If found, we will remove it without warning for your protection. Use the PM feature.
  9. If you are edited by any member of Staff, do not edit your post after that point - follow up with a new post.
  10. No posting to vote for anything off site. No exceptions.
  11. English is the primary language for this site and is to be used in every area, no foreign languages are to be used anywhere on site or on profiles
  12. No mini-moderating allowed, report objectionable posts.
Showcase Forum Rules
  1. No Warez or Hacking Related Sites, this includes any kind of Blackhat activity.
  2. No Competing Forums.
  3. Do Not Post, Unless You Own The Site or you are a part of the Staff Team.
  4. Show proof of ownership.
  5. Make Sure It's in the Proper Section.
  6. Coming Here Just to Post here, will result in a ban and your advertisement junked.
  7. Forum Hacks is a community, not a Promotion Forum.
  8. No Leeching of our content. If you are found to be Leeching content from Forum Hacks then you will be permanently banned.
  9. No thread crapping or hijacking, do not post in the thread about any other subject or with the attention of disrespect. If a thread has objectionable content, report it to staff.
  10. And Please Follow the following template to Post your Thread:
  • Your forum/website Title
  • Describe your forum/website in few lines
  • Daily Visitors/members
  • And for Last The URL

The rules may change from time to time without notice before joining, you are agreeing to our terms.


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Jan 8, 2018
Hello all friends! updated terms of 13/3/2018

For members Lifetime VIP and VIP Member
- If copying senior resources we shared on any web
- VIP resource sharing for other members of the web
- Members will be banned permanently removed from the community and

- We will not refund your paypal is not required when the support that open paypal dispute.
- Account opening accept paypal site will be permanently banned

Note: Regulations are subject to change without notice

New resources

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