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WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress (formerly Visual Composer)

Codecanyon FREE WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress (formerly Visual Composer) 6.6.0

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4.9.x, 5.x
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Download WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) latest version


WPBakery WordPress Page Builder Plugin with Frontend and Backend Editor
Have you ever noticed how much time you waste while manually coding layouts? No more trial and error with shortcodes or CSS! Now you have everything it takes to design anything and for any page. Yes, WPBakery Page Builder works with any WordPress theme!


Say hello to the most popular WordPress page builder plugin! WPBakery Page Builder is easy to use drag and drop page builder that will help you to create any layout you can imagine fast and easy. No coding skills required!

Access Frontend editor (Inline editor) or Backend editor at any time. Yes, WPBakery Page Builder comes bundled with 2 types of editors allowing you to choose your preferred view. Create your WordPress website with backend schematic editor or move your page building process to frontend and see your results live.

Not only that, WPBakery Page Builder gives you full control over responsiveness. Create responsive websites automatically or adjust preferences you need to ensure your WordPress website looks perfect on mobile or tablet. WPBakery Page Builder has everything it takes to create a responsive website. Save your money on purchasing different devices with WPBakery Page Builder Responsive Preview available out of the box.

It is really easy to start building your WordPress website with WPBakery Page Builder – there are just a few clicks to make:
  • Add rows and columns to your page;
  • Choose from over 50+ predefined content elements or start from proffessionally designed template;
  • Drag elements around your page;
  • Simply adjust element settings via intuitive controls and options.
  • Publish your page.
And that’s not all! With page builder, you don’t have to be a developer to create a page. With WPBakery Page Builder, you don’t have to be designer either.

  • Extensions: 200+ unique addons with hundreds of content elements available exclusively to WPBakery Page Builder;
  • Template Library: Downloadable layout templates with pro templates updated regularly. Build your layouts literally in seconds;
Your web developer (if you have any) will love WPBakery Page Builder as well. We offer a comprehensive knowledge base describing our developer API so you can extend WPBakery Page Builder. For those who don’t wish to code, WPBakery Page Builder offers Shortcode Mapper allowing you to add 3rd party shortcodes to your WPBakery Page Builder content elements. With WPBakery Page Builder you can work on new or existing websites as it will recognize your existing content and adapt to any WordPress website. Forget about page builders tailored for a specific theme to get you locked up – WPBakery Page Builder works with any WordPress theme.

WPBakery Page Builder is the #1 Best Selling drag and drop frontend and backend page builder plugin on the market – already powering 2,000,000+ websites. Join now and start creating beautiful WordPress websites in no time with minimum effort, and – of course – no coding and [shortcodes].

17.07.2019 - ver 6.0.5 - Fix: LESS vendor folder available - Fix: All Media in Text Block works properly
15.07.2019 - ver 6.0.4 - Fix: Element API works properly for 3rd party elements - Fix: Post grid filter displayed properly - Fix: Custom CSS editor does not remove "\" - Fix: Directory name typo for Instagram filter files corrected - Fix: Templates import API does work correctly - Fix: Row design options settings for elements in templates works properly - Fix: WooCommerce cart element works properly - Fix: Option "Save as a template" for a row is available - Fix: Elements edit form displayed correctly - Fix: Warning message for PHP function `htmlspecialchars` - Fix: Custom post types taxonomies work in Post Grid element - Fix: Revolution Slider output content properly
31.05.2019 – ver 6.0.3 - Update: Init action priority is changed from 9 to 11 - Update: Allow return in shortcode templates - Update: Coding standards improvements - Fix: Param Group clone - Fix: Checkbox value display in edit form - Fix: Loop attribute tax_query render - Fix: Attach image typo - Fix: Removed notice when shortcode template file missing - Fix: Map meta cap warning on custom post types
17.05.2019 – ver 6.0.2 - Fix: Container elements controls in Backend Editor - Fix: Tour element class error
15.05.2019 - ver 6.0.1 - Fix: Container elements controls in Backend Editor - Fix: Tour element class error - Update: Compliance with coding standards - Update: jQuery Waypoints update to the latest version - Update: Fallback for previews added - Fix: Pageable container autoplay - Fix: Hover box does not flip on iOS devices - Fix: Responsive media queries work properly - Fix: WooCommerce products pages in preview mode - Fix: Data source for Post Grid works with correct taxonomies - Fix: Design options for elements work in preview mode - Fix: The Editor got broken after adding many images - Fix: The posts source got broken in Post Grid after importing data
24.11.2017 - ver 5.4.5 - Fix: Firefox tinymce and vc_link issue - Fix: WooCommerce vendor categories list
16.11.2017 - ver 5.4.4 - Fix: TinyMCE Saves linebreaks
15.11.2017 - ver 5.4.3 - Added: Shortcode support in raw_html - Added: More filters for vc_btn shortcode - Update: Shortcode automapper admin content escaping - Fix: Improve WordPress 4.9 tinyMCE support - Compatibility: with WordPress 4.9 - Compatibility: with WP Tool Set plugin
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Live Preview
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  1. 22.02.2021 - ver 6.6.0

    22.02.2021 - ver 6.6.0 - New: prettyPhoto removed and Lightbox2 added to the plugin...
  2. 6.4.1

    24.09.2020 – ver 6.4.1 Fix: Role manager unfiltered html access improved Fix: Role manager...
  3. 6.3.0

    21.08.2020 - ver 6.3.0 - Added: Role manager for unfiltered_html available - Update: Filter...

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