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WP Rocket PRO - laster version

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Download WP Rocket PRO - laster version

Download WP Rocket PRO - laster version. Speed up your WordPress website, more traffic, conversions and money with WP Rocket caching plugin. Make WordPress Load Fast in a Few Clicks

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Enhancement: Automatic compatibility Cookie Notice by dFactory plugin
Enhancement: Update Minify library to include latest improvements and bugfixes
Bugfix: Prevent Premium SEO Pack from rendering WP Rocket Settings Page inaccessible
Bugfix: Remove critical CSS from AMP pages to prevent validation error
Bugfix: Prevent a PHP notice when analytics is activated and the type of web server could not be correctly detected
Enhancement: Add filter rocket_youtube_thumbnail_resolution to be able to modify the resolution of the Youtube Preview image
Enhancement: Add filter do_rocket_critical_css_generation to control the autogeneration of the critical CSS
Enhancement: Insert critical CSS before CSS files when combine CSS is active
Enhancement: Check for minified file existence earlier in the minify process to improve cache generation time
Enhancement: Prevent adding DNS prefetch on uncached pages
Bugfix: Correct an issue with rocket_realpath() on windows server which was preventing minification and remove query strings from working
Bugfix: Prevent some code to be displayed when optimize CSS delivery is active because the stylesheet tag contains special characters
Bugfix: Correctly apply remove query strings even when there is no file to minify
Bugfix: Prevent a PHP warning because of a wrongly named variable in 2.11.4
Bugfix: correctly apply sizes to image when lazyload is active
Bugfix: correctly process files for minification and remove query strings when content folder is outside the WordPress directory
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Live Preview
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