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Download WooCommerce Notification v1.4.7 | Boost Your Sales + Codecanyon 16586926

- Updated: Update support file
- Update: Use passive listeners to improve scrolling performance
- Fixed: Fixed grammar
- Fixed: Fixed security
- Update: Compatible with WC 6.5.0 and WP6.0

- Updated: Update support file

- Fixed: Fixed able replace multi shortcode in message
- Fixed: Error when getting null data from orders
- Updated: Compatible with WC6.3.0
- Updated: Update support file

- Update: Compatible with WC 6.2.0 and WP5.9
- Updated: Compatible with WooCommerce Cart All in One by VillaTheme

- Fixed: Compatible with the Polylang plugin
- Updated: Compatibility with WC6.0.0

- Fixed: Hidden notify in new widget preview wordpress
- Fixed: Critical error when the product is not added to other languages in ajax.

- Updated: Compatibility with WP5.8 and WC5.5.
- Fixed: Critical error when the product is not added to other languages.
- Fixed: Style notify image on safari
/ - 2019.02.11/
  • Updated: Documentation in full package
  • Updated: Notice compatible with WooCommerce
  • Updated: get Auto Update Key

- Fixed: Get transient data settings with WPML, Polylang
- Fixed: Select products - variations not working
- Fixed: Tab Js in backend
- Fixed: Black friday template
- Fixed: Report
- Fixed: Auto detect

- Fixed: CSS template
- Fixed: Admin JS load options with Recent visited
- Fixed: Limit Virtual names and Virtual cities
- Fixed: Save Recent visited

- Added: Close time cookie
- Added: Compatible with WPML.org
- Added: Compatible with Polylang
- Fixed: Save log link
- Fixed: Active purchased code
- Fixed: Effect JS in backend on Safari
- Fixed: Auto detect
- Fixed: Text description with Condition tags.
- Fixed: Close ads board
- Update: Russian language
- Update: New Templates
- Removed: RTL feature
- Removed: Cache
- Removed: IPfind
- Optimize: Server speed
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