Version 7.3 – 09.02.2021- Improve Shortcodes for Admin user
- Improve Top Affiliate shortcode generator process
- Improve DataBase Tables encoding
- Fix editing Banner on My Account page
- Fix Ranks Pro - Reset Ranks process

Version 7.2 – 08.17.2021- WordPress 5.8. Compatibility check
- PHP 8.0 Compatibility check
- Divi Theme Compatibility check
- Flatsome Theme Compatibility check
- Fix Avatar photo uploaded via Mobile Devices
- Fix Custom Account tabs module
- Fix Import/Export process
- Improve Earnings data on My Account page
- Improve Referral amount calculation with missing data
- Improve Ranks Pro workflow
- Improve WooCommerce integration with various Orders statuses
- Improve WooCommerce edit Categories process.

Version 7.1 – 06.16.2021- Fix MLM Matrix Chart Avatars
- Fix WP Dashboard restriction access
- Fix Product Links Generator option
- Import JS structure
- Improve Translate process

Version 7.03 – 05.27.2021- Fix My Account Affiliate Links generator
- Fix LifeTime Commission new relation submission
- Improve Static Coupons for Ultimate Membership Pro
- Fix Generate CSV for Payout Transactions
- Improve JS libraries structure

Version 7.0 – 05.13.2021- Improve Style
- Improve JS structure
- Improve DataBase calls
- Improve Nonce for AJAX calls
- New Reports data
- Fix Since time format
- Add MLM connection for Fair Checkout Reward module
- Add MLM Remove Affiliate's Parent

Version 6.9.1 – 04.01.2021- Fix My Account filters with no results
- Fix Payout details process
- Fix Stripe V3 Payout module
- Improve Product Links values
- Improve UAP Dashboard
- Improve Wallet module for WooCommerce coupons
- Improve Change Ranks process
- Improve Compatiblity with WP 5.7
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