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Ultimate Addons for Elementor

Elementor Ultimate Addons for Elementor 1.23.0

Version 1.23.0 - Tuesday, 18th February 2020.
- New: Introduced How-to Schema widget.
- Improvement: Marketing button - Added 'Flare Animation' option.
- Improvement: Table - Increased the heading and cell row span limit to '25'.
- Fix: Advanced Heading - Icon with separator not moving with alignment.
- Fix: Gravity Form Styler - Select icon alignment issue with Hello Elementor theme.
- Fix: Image Gallery - Category name issue when responsive support is enabled.
- Fix: Info-box - RTL Alignment fix.
- Fix: Login Form - Logged in notice not translatable.
- Fix: Navigation Menu - Menu items on mobile are not clickable.
- Fix: Video - Default youtube play icon not displaying.
- Fix: Video - Sticky video margin array empty notice with PHP v7.4.
- Fix: Woo - Add To Cart - Before/after icon alignment issue.

Version 1.22.1 - Thursday, 6th February 2020.
- Improvement: Hardened the security of plugin.
- Improvement: Compatibility with latest WordPress PHP_CodeSniffer rules.
- Improvement: Elementor v2.9 compatibility.
- Fix: Particle Backgrounds - Load JS on pages built with Elementor.

Version - Thursday, 23rd January 2020
- Fix: Particle Backgrounds - JS loading condition conflict on Elementor archive templates.

Version 1.22.0 - Wednesday, 22nd January 2020
- Security Fix: Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability.
- New: Introduced FAQ widget with schema integration.
- Improvement: Woo - Products - Added option to set sale price color.
- Improvement: Woo - Products - Added option for spacing between the add to cart button and view cart text.
- Fix: Info Box - Icon alignment issue with circle background style.
- Fix: Navigation Menu - Added RTL support to the template positions.
- Fix: Navigation Menu - Expanded layout not working after reload.
- Fix: Particle Backgrounds - JS not loading on archive pages designed with Elementor.
- Fix: Registration Form - Icons Manager class issue if Elementor is not updated.
- Optimized number of function calls in Elementor editor.
- Optimized number of queries executed on admin page.

Version 1.21.1 - Thursday, 9th January 2020
- Improvement: Price list - Added an option to make full item clickable.
- Improvement: User Registration Form - Added WPML support.
- Improvement: White Label - Added an option to hide the tagline 'Take Elementor to The Next Level!'.
- Fix: Gravity Form Styler - Padding issue with the Gravity Forms CSS ready classes.
- Fix: Marketing Button - Icon alignment after title not working.
- Fix: Modal Popup - Default close icon not visible when FA4 support is disabled.
- Fix: Multi Buttons - Icon alignment after title not working.
- Fix: Off - Canvas - Default close icon not visible when FA4 support is disabled.
- Fix: Off - Canvas - Double scrollbar on firefox.
- Fix: Particle Backgrounds - Fixed the PHP notice 'Trying to get property 'ID' of non-object'.
- Fix: Retina Image - Added alt attribute for retina image.
- Fix: Table - 'No matching records found' string is not translatable.
- Fix: Team Member - Image hover animation getting applied to social icons in the backend.
- Fix: Team Member - Social icons alignment issue with the right image position.
- Fix: Video - Sticky video default close icon not visible when FA4 support is disabled.
- Fix: Video Gallery - Wistia video inline play needs a double click issue.
- Fix: Woo - Products - Quick view default close icon not visible when FA4 support is disabled.
- Fix: Some of the widgets not searchable with 'UAE' keyword.