Reco - Minimal Theme for Freebies

Themeforest Reco - Minimal Theme for Freebies 3.3.2

v3.3.2 - 18 September 2019
- Fixed: grid with sidebar post list not displaying posts properly after update v3.3.0

v3.3.1 - 16 September 2019
- Fixed: Ads between grid posts not displayed properly after update v3.3.0
- Fixed: if home sidebar is not active, some custom sidebars are not displayed properly.
- Improved: now can be used multiple posts list if ajax load more pagination is selected in the same home page.

v3.3.0 - 15 September 2019
- Fixed: blank space on mobile devices when full background image are selected.
- Fixed: AOS.js map error.
- Fixed: error 404 sticky.min.js.
- Fixed: number of columns not assigned properly if module "grid posts" is filtered by category.
- * Important fix: submenu arrows not working on IOS 6+ on Safari browser.
- Improved: added minor effect to back to top button.
- Improved: now ADS will use CSS to hide them on mobile/tablets (just to ensure ADS are removed if cache plugins are installed).
- Improved: sticky sidebar wrapper.
- Improved: removed AOS effects CSS to reduce the layout load, now plugins.min.css size is 60kb (91kb before).
- Improved: now related posts use lazy load if enabled.
- Improved: now lazy load has a minor delay to avoid unnnecesary load.
- Added (important feature): new pagination method "Ajax load more" button, this can be enabled individually for grid posts and classic posts on Theme options -> blog -> global options.
- Added (important feature): now Reco supports BreadCrumbs, this is compatible with Yoast SEO and NavXT plugins, this can be enabled on theme options -> blog -> global options.
- Added: PHP, Java, HandleBars, JSON, TypeScript, Objective-C, Visual Basic as default languages on Prism (syntax highlighter).
- Added: new Instagram Widget.
- Added: now Carousel module has 2 new filter options: order by views and order by date (all time, past month and past week).
- Added: now Recent Posts with Image Widget has a new filter: order by date (all time, past month and past week), this could be combined with posts views filter to show your most popular posts.
- Added: new option to disable default Open Graph meta tags on Theme Options -> Advanced Settings.
- Added: new option to disable custom styles for Gutenberg Editor's backend on Theme Options -> Advanced Settings.
- Added: new option to disable titles on Pages.

v3.2.0 - 12 August 2019
- Fixed: now tabs shortcode is visible on EP shortcode generator (lightbox).
- Fixed: classic and grid with sidebar module not detecting properly custom sidebars if home sidebar is empty.
- Fixed: single post not detecting the correct custom sidebar if articles sidebar is empty.
- Improved: now Open Graph url will use trailing slash (same structure from Permalinks) to avoid duplicate urls.
- Improved: now Gutenberg single images and Classic editor single images that are pointing to "media file", will be opened in the default lightbox.
- Important improvement: now when optimization is ON, the theme will load only the Critical CSS, this will reduce the style and layout load, so the mobile performance will improve between 2 and 7 points.
- Added: basic styles to default select boxes (dropdowns).
- Added: all strings of Back-End (theme options and others) into reco-functions/languages.

v3.1.6 - 01 August 2019
- Fixed: minor warning when text color is changed on Theme Options -> styling.
- Fixed: minor warning on EP social widget.
- Fixed: rounded corners on grid + sidebar and classic post styles, when filters are disabled globally.
- Fixed: Back to top button displayed even if was disabled on Theme Options.
- Improved: Twitter widgets writing permissions.
- Improved: now clipboard.js will be loaded from the Theme instead of external CDN, this will reduce 1 server request.
- Improved: shortcodes CSS and will be loaded from the Theme instead of the reco-functions plugin, this will reduce 2 server requests.
- Improved: now main Reco theme file size is 1.26mb instead of 1.38mb.
- Added: Open Graph basic support, for Home, Posts and Archives pages, this will improve the way how your pages are shared on Social Networks (Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, etc). It's still recommended to use Yoast SEO to an advanced usage.

v3.1.5 - 14 July 2019
- Fixed: third menu level not displayed correctly if is the last menu item.
- Added: new option to disable the filters box globally on Theme Options -> blog -> global options.
- Added: new option to translate the searchform string on Theme Options -> blog -> global options.
- Improvement: multiple RTL improvements (alignment, spacing and other design issues) so if you a RTL customer, it is recommended to update to this version.

v3.1.4 - 28 June 2019 (important update)
- Fixed: if sticky header is disabled for desktop and mobile, appears a debug message.

v3.1.3 - 28 June 2019
- Fixed: sticky header not disabled properly on mobile devices.
- Fixed: last menu with submenu elements will be aligned to the right.
- Fixed: Search button not displayed properly on mobile and tablet for RTL users.
- Fixed: permalink share button will be displayed as LTR for RTL users (urls are always displayed in LTR direction).
- Improvement: now views counter inside post are editable. Objetive: lot of customers has old blogs and the amount of views should be higher in that cases.
- Improvement: if the carousel has no optimized image assigned, it will display a thumb instead of the full image.
- Improvement: increase the range of tablets device from 980px up to 1023px.
- Improvement: now Ipad menu design (removed share buttons and always the menu items will be centered).
- Improvement: increased H1 font size on mobile, so now the titles should look more consistent.

v3.1.2 - 23 June 2019
- Fixed: custom sticky menu background color not assigned properly.
- Fixed: custom global counter color not assigned properly on Classic Style List.
- Fixed: if Disqus Comments are selected, must be displayed on Pages as well.
- Improvement: now Comments Type option moved from blog -> single posts TO blog -> global options (this option will apply for Posts and Pages).
- Improvement: now syntax highlighter codes are displayed with white-space: pre; property, so now large paragraphs will show a horizontal scroll.
- * Speed Improvement: removed preload for FontAwesome fonts, this will reduce a few miliseconds of the server load.
- * Speed Improvement: added font display swap for Google and FontAwesome fonts, this will increase the Overall Google Page Score between 0 - 3 points, depending on how slow is the hosting/server resources.
- Added: new option to display sticky header on mobile devices, this new option is located on Theme Options -> Header.
- Updated: to support latest version of Woocommerce (v3.6.4)
- Added: sample data to import products into Woocommerce. (CSV file).

v3.1.0 - 02 June 2019
- Fixed: sometimes the sticky Header is not working properly depending of the amount of menu items.
- Fixed: permalink copy box overlapping on mobile devices.
- Improved: now titles on "Fullcover" posts will be moved outside the main image, this will prevent design issues on large post titles.
- Improved: now standard single post will use img HTML tag instead of div, this will give a small boost in terms of SEO. It is recommended to Regenerate featured image thumbnails.
- Improved: now social share buttons has rel="noopener" attribute, this will improve the Theme Security.
- Added: now EP shortcodes button will appear on the classic editor of Gutenberg, ref:
- Added: new module Carousel of Pages.
- Added: new option to disable categories globally on Theme options -> Blog -> global options.
- Added: new option to change color for Text Logo on Footer section.

v3.0.0 - 16 April 2019 (Important update)
- Fixed: incorrect hover color for carousel buttons.
- Fixed: some custom styles from the styling section.
- Fixed: overflow issue on submenus, this issue is related only to mobile devices.
- Fixed: inconsistent spacing on Fullwidth page.
- Improved: reduced the space between posts without images on EP custom widgets (sidebar).
- Added: lightbox feature for Gutenberg Galleries, images must be linked to "Media file" to make this feature work properly, ref:
- Added: new option to select the main layout for the default wordpress posts page. This option is located on theme options -> blog -> layouts.
- Added: new styling option to change the color for the copyright section on theme options -> styling -> footer.
- Added: new option to change the "text selection" color on theme options -> styling -> content.
- Added: new option to enable a close button for notice box on theme options -> header.
- Added: new option to EP widget "Post with images", now posts can be ordered by views.
- * Added: Woocommerce full compatibility for LTR users.