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5.5.6 =
- [Fix]: An issue with some color options fixed fixed.

= 5.5.5 =
- [New]: Elementor global colors are accessible in customizer.
- [Improvement]: Improvements for sorting products in shop page applied.
- [Improvement]: Improvements for product quick view applied.
- [Improvement]: Improvements for modern search element applied.
- [Fix]: An issue with style of shop cart page fixed.
- [Fix]: An issue with pagination of category archive page fixed.

= 5.5.2 =
- [New]: Making the header and footer translatable if WPML is installed.
- [New]: An incompatibility with next-gen gallery fixed for portfolio items.
- [Improvement]: Improvements for progress bar element applied.
- [Improvement]: Style improvements for cart widget applied.
- [Improvement]: Style improvements for burger menu applied.
- [Improvement]: Improvements for tiles layout of "Gallery" element applied.
- [Improvement]: Improvements for "Info Box" element applied.
- [Improvement]: Improvements for "Progress Bar" element applied.
- [Improvement]: Improvements for "Accordion" element applied.
- [Fix]: An issue with displaying product thumbnails in single product page fixed.
- [Fix]: Addressing a bug with filter option in "Advanced Products" element.
- [Fix]: Fixing deprecated functions for latest version of WooCommerce.
- [Fix]: A issue with removing variable products from shopping cart fixed.
- [Fix]: A bug with importing SVG images fixed.
- [Fix]: A bug with SubMenu indicator fixed.

= 5.5.1 =
- [Fix]: A bug in demo importer fixed.
- [Improvement]: Improvements applied to logo element while sticky header option is enabled.

= 5.5.0 =
- [New]: New custom animation options added to the list of entrance animations.
- [New]: Dribbble and Linkedin social options to staff element.
- [New]: WooCommerce templates are now fully compatible with the new version of WooCommerce.
- [Improvement]: Improvements for the menu with anchor links applied.
- [Improvement]: Improvements for sticky menu options applied.
- [Improvement]: Improvements for masonry layout applied.
- [Improvement]: New read more option added to "Recent grid portfolio" element.
- [Improvement]: Improvements for single FAQ pages applied.
- [Improvement]: Improvements for product title applied.
- [Fix]: An error for the skin name option in the burger menu fixed.
- [Fix]: An issue with the shipping page fixed.

= 5.4.19 =
- [Improvement]: Improvements for sticky header applied.
- [Fix]: An issue with displaying share button in blog post fixed.

= 5.4.17 =
- [Fix]: An incompatibility with plugins for "Featured Image by URL" fixed.
- [Improvement]: Improvements for scroll animation applied.

= 5.4.15 =
- [Fix]: A Javascript error in single shop page fixed.

= 5.4.14 =
- [New]: New options for "Modern Menu" element added.
- [New]: New options for "Modern Search" element added.
- [Improvement]: Style improvements for recent grid post element added.

= 5.4.13 =
- [Improvement]: Style improvement for Elementor 3.0 applied.
- [Improvement]: Improvement for fullscreen menu applied.

= 5.4.12 =
- [Improvement]: Compatibility for Elementor 3.0 applied.

= 5.4.10 =
- [Fix]: A conflict with WooCommerce 4.4 fixed.

= 5.4.10 =
- [Fix]: Fixing a bug with load more option in recent posts element.
- [Fix]: An issue with color option of like button fixed.
- [Fix]: Minor bugs fixed.

= 5.4.9 =
- [Improvement]: Compatibility for WordPress 5.5.0 applied.
- [Fix]: Fixing a conflict with WordPress SEO plugin.
- [Fix]: Minor bugs fixed.

= 5.4.4 =
- [New]: New counter element added.
- [Improvement]: Improvement in search element applied.
- [Improvement]: New option for uploading SVG icon for search element added.
- [Improvement]: Improvements for alignment option of Flexible List element applied.
- [Fix]: An issue with importing product variations fixed.
- [Fix]: An issue with ajax add to cart functionality fixed.
- [Fix]: Fixing an issue while displaying video post formats in the blog archive page.

= 5.4.1 =
- [Improvement]: Improvements for "Modern Search" element applied.
- [New]: New color option for like buttons added.
- [Fix]: Fixing a bug in the product edit page.

= 5.4.0 =
- [New]: New option for changing the character limit of last breadcrumb text added.
- [New]: New meta options for single portfolio page about customizing header template added.
- [New]: New options for customizing share and like buttons of single product page added.
- [New]: New dynamic tags added to Elementor URL controller.
- [New]: New option for changing background color of offcanvase menu added.
- [Improvement]: Better options inheritance after switching from free to Pro version.
- [Improvement]: Improvements for ajax add to cart applied.
- [Improvement]: Improvements for demo importer applied.
- [Fix]: An issue with add to cart URL for external products fixed.
- [Fix]: A minor bug while using WordPress widgets in Elementor fixed.
- [Fix]: Minor bugs fixed.

= 5.3.19 =
- [Fix]: An issue with carousel navigation fixed.
- [New]: New sticky options added to logo element.
- [Improvement]: Style improvement for product quick look applied.

= 5.3.18 =
- [New]: Integrating Phlox Demo Importer and Envato Elements for removing watermarks for premium images.
- [Improvement]: Some improvements in generating thumbnails applied.
- [Improvement]: Improvements in style of comment section applied.
- [Improvement]: Improvements shopping cart element applied.
- [Fix]: An issue in Internet Explorer 11 fixed.

= 5.3.13 =
- [Improvement]: Improvements in Modern button element applied.
- [Improvement]: Improvement for search and menu element applied.

= 5.3.11 =
- [New]: New responsive table element added.
- [Improvement]: Improvements in appear animation for header builder applied.
- [Improvement]: Improvements for Modern button element applied.
- [Fix]: Incompatibility notice in WooCommerce setup wizard fixed.
- [Fix]: Website social options are going to be deprecated soon.

= 5.3.10 =
- [New]: New Elementor element "Responsive Table" added.
- [Improvement]: Automatically turn off the sidebar in the search result page if no widget is set for the sidebar.
- [Improvement]: Some minor improvements for Modern button applied.
- [Fix]: Fixing an issue that results in the missing featured image for custom post types.
- [Fix]: Remove focus outline from accordion and FAQ element.

= 5.3.9 =
- [Improvement]: Improvements for dimensions controller in customizer applied.
- [New]: New options for customizing share and like buttons added to customizer.
- [New]: New options for customizing comment form added.

= 5.3.7 =
- [New]: New skin and background options added to the modern button element.
- [Improvement]: Compatibility with WordPress 5.4 applied.
- [Improvement]: New vertical-align option added to the flexible list element.
- [Improvement]: Replacing new icon controller for icon, info box, shopping cart, search, and button elements.
- [Improvement]: Improvement for icon alignment in the modern button element applied.
- [Fix]: An issue with wrapped text in the flexible list element fixed.
- [Fix]: Fixing an issue with a double header while Elementor Pro is enabled.
- [New]: New option to replace post type archive pages with default ones from the customizer.
- [New]: New option for showing "Home" icon in breadcrumb added.
- [New]: Background color option added for sticky header.
- [Fix]: An issue with sticky-header in boxed layout fixed.

= 5.3.5 =
- [Improvement]: Improvement in alignment option of modern heading Element.
- [New]: Introducing new dynamic Elementor element for adding "Breadcrumb" to Elementor pages.
- [New]: Introducing a new "Modern Button" element for Elementor.
- [New]: New options for customizing the share and link buttons in blog post pages added to customizer. [phlox/551]
- [New]: New options for customizing the share and link buttons in portfolio single pages added to customizer.
- [New]: Applying the global form skin option to product review form as well. [phlox/550]

= 5.3.4 =
- [New]: Introducing featured colors options in customizer and choosing them as dynamic color in Elementor.
- [New]: New metafield options added to page options for assigning custom Elementor template for footer.
- [New]: New Elementor element for displaying copyright text added.
- [New]: New option added to edit page of Contact Form 7 to remove redundant line breaks.
- [New]: New option for customizing breadcrumb separator added to customizer.
- [Fix]: An issue with ajax loading on search element fixed.
- [Fix]: Fixing a bug that prevents editing header template when website background is enabled.
- [Improvement]: Fixing an issue with displaying taxonomies in search box category list.
- [Improvement]: Fixing an issue with unusual size of burger menu on page load while using in header template.
- [Improvement]: Redundant max-width style from mailchimp element removed.
- [Improvement]: Fixing a bug with changing color of custom arrows in carousel navigation element.
- [Improvement]: Fixing an issue with tile layout in carousel element.
- [Improvement]: Improvement in some translatable strings.

= 5.3.0 =
- [New]: New options and improvements for shopping cart element applied.
- [New]: Introducing new price table element for Elementor.
- [New]: Live search functionality added to fullscreen search panel.
- [New]: New option for changing breadcrumb separator added.
- [New]: Introducing 'Modern Search' element and ajax search functionality.
- [New]: New options for customizing shopping cart functionality and appearance added.
- [New]: New options for customizing the search result page added.
- [New]: New page options for overwriting default header and footer templates added.
- [New]: New option to display shopping basket items in off-canvas panel added.
- [New]: Inline SVG option for Infobox element added.
- [Improvement]: New options for header and footer builder added.
- [Improvement]: Simplifying header and footer options and deprecating legacy options.
- [Improvement]: New sticky option for Elementor Header template added to the customizer.
- [Improvement]: Improvement in some translatable contents.
- [Improvement]: Fixing an issue with the initial width of Elementor header and footer on pages that were not built with Elementor.
- [Improvement]: Improvement in dependency management of customizer options.
- [Improvement]: New plugin installer for phlox essential plugins added.
- [Improvement]: Improvement in the style of switch, color picker, and dropdown controllers applied.
- [Improvement]: Select2 library updated to the latest version.
- [Improvement]: Instagram link option for staff Element added.
- [Improvement]: Improvements in dark mode style of controllers for Elementor applied.
- [Fix]: Fixing an issue that breaks the layout of home page in the customizer preview.

= 5.2.22 =
- [Fix]: A bug with WooCommerce tabs fixed.

= 5.2.21 =
- [Fix]: Fixing an issue that prevents the fullscreen menu to be closed for anchor links.
- [Fix]: A bug with portfolio filter links fixed.

= 5.2.19 =
- [Improvement]: Addressed an issue with global heading typography options in theme customizer.
- [Improvement]: Some improvements to the modern heading element applied.
- [Improvement]: New style customization options added to Mailchimp element.
- [Improvement]: Improvements for dark mode styles in Elementor panel applied.

= 5.2.16 =
- [Fix]: An issue with displaying the featured image of a translated page with PolyLang plugin fixed.
- [Improvement]: Improvement in WooCommerce notices applied.
- [Improvement]: New style options added to testimonial element.
- [Improvement]: Improvements for card button in header applied.
- [Fix]: Addressing a bug when the header menu is not set.

= 5.2.13 =
* Released: 02.12.2019
- [Improvement]: Improvements in blog grid element.
- [Improvement]: Improvements in cart button in header section.

= 5.2.11 =
* Released: 13.11.2019
- [New]: Introducing new advanced parallax effects for Elementor elements.
- [Improvement]: Compability for WordPress 5.3 applied.

= 5.2.8 =
* Released: 4.09.2019
- [Improvement]: Improvements in appear animation.
- [Fix]: An issue with stripping inline svg markup fixed.

= 5.2.7 =
* Released: 20.08.2019
- [Improvement]: Improvements in installing plugins while using the demo importer.
- [Fix]: An issue with video player in blog archive page fixed.
- [Fix]: An issue with overlapping the text on 'Info Box' element fixed.
- [New]: Adding new options for changing the label of cart menu.

= 5.2.6 =
* Released: 16.07.2019
- [Improvement]: Some style improvements in info box element applied.
- [Fix]: Fix an issue with general headings typography fixed.

= 5.2.4 =
* Released: 11.06.2019
- [New]: Introducing header, footer, single template builder.
- [Improvement]: Performance improvements.

= 5.2.2 =
* Released: 05.05.2019
- [New]: Export and import options added to customizer.
- [Improvement]: Improvements in accordion element.

= 5.2.1 =
* Released: 30.04.2019
- [Fix]: An issue with importing some menu labels fixed.
- [Improvement]: Improvements in Phlox shop applied.

= 5.1.11 =
- [Fix]: An issue with background color of header section fixed.
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