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Plugin Laser Loader is very small (4,9 KiB) and fast. The plugin adds a little loading progress bar at the top of the page to indicate that the next page is loading. You could see a similar UI pattern on YouTube or Medium.
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The progress bar appears as a thin line overlaying the content, sitting right underneath the browser toolbar, growing in width across the page as the next one loads. This is an interesting UI pattern to a subtle way to show load progress on a page. Improve your website interaction for users, with realistic trickle animations, tell your users that something’s happening.

You can choose from two different positions: Top or Bottom. You can choose any color or use custom CSS to give the Laser Loader the perfect look. Laser Loader supports easing for animation and reverse direction for RTL sites.

Here is a screenshot of the plugin settings panel, so you can control every aspect effectively. No coding required.
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Live Preview
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