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Fixed TOC - table of contents for WordPress(wp) plugin

Codecanyon Fixed TOC - table of contents for WordPress(wp) plugin 3.1.24

Download Fixed TOC - table of contents for WordPress(wp) plugin + Codecanyon 7264676

Download Fixed TOC is a powerful Wordpress plugin. It can scans headings through the post content automatically and create the table of contents, Fixed in the page display. Users can faster find the content what they want.
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Latest updates

  1. v3.1.24

    = v3.1.24 = ( 20 July, 21 ) Fixed a bug existed in the previous version. = v3.1.23 = ( 18 July...
  2. 3.1.10

    = v3.1.10 = ( 15 September, 18 ) 1. Fixed bugs. ---------------------------- = v3.1.9 = ( 07...
  3. 3.1.7

    = v3.1.7 = ( 19 July, 18 ) 1. Fixed some bugs ---------------------------- = v3.1.6 = ( 03...
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