# Fixed post tab category issue on Digiqole Essential Plugin
+ Added Popup option on Gallery Post

VERSION: 1.2.0
+ Added About and Contact Us Pages
# Updated Manual_demo_Data_for_Existing_Site
VERSION: 1.1.9
+ Added Gallary Post Formate
+ Added control style on Tab Menu
# Fixed Nav arrow icon font-awesome 4+5 issue
# Header Social title attribute issue

VERSION: 1.1.8
Must delete existing WP Ultimate Review kit Plugin and Install from Plugin area

+ Added Avatar image option on post meta
# Breadcrumb Issue fixed
# Fixed Social icon issue
# CSS update

VERSION: 1.1.7
+ Home dark mode added
+ Home 10 added
+ Post skip option added on tab widget
# CSS update and improvement

VERSION: 1.1.6
# RTL Feature Improved
# Improved Customizer Body Font Style (Size, weight)
# Review Kit Plugin Updated

VERSION: 1.1.5
# Post tab link issue fixed.
# CSS update