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Downloadn CommerceKit - All-in-one conversion tool for WooCommerce by Commercegurus.com​

The all-in-one conversion tool for your WooCommerce store​

Consolidate modern eCommerce features into a single performance optimized plugin. Save money. Do more to grow your business.

Core WooCommerce lacks essential features.​

We love WooCommerce. But it still lacks a lot of crucial functionality which a modern eCommerce store needs to succeed.
You generally have to buy a lot of separate plugins to add these missing features. And there are four key issues with this.

❌ Lack of compatibility​

Often, plugins don't play nicely together, or with the underlying theme. You end up spending a lot of time trying to solve bugs and contacting different developers.

Poor performance​

Far too many WooCommerce plugins don't have a performance-first mindset. They include too many CSS and JS files and this can seriously impact loading times.

It's expensive​

Buying plugins quickly gets pricey. Most plugins operate on a subscription based model so you also need to factor in often substantial yearly renewal costs.

Many plugins don't scale on large stores​

There's nothing worse than finding a cool new WooCommerce plugin only to find it hasn't been battle tested on large catalogs and high volume stores with lots of traffic.
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