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Download ChatGPT with AIPRM Titan Plans NULLED NULLED​

ChatGPT by AIPRM makes it so you don’t have to be a professional marketer or writer. You can just focus on your business and let AI do the heavy lifting for your marketing with:


Increase your productivity with our AIPRM Plus’ feature-set.
Plan Includes:

  • Community Prompts
  • Favorites List (up to 8 prompts)
  • 10 Private Prompt Templates
  • Power Continue
  • Tone & Writing Style
  • Hide 8 Prompt Templates
  • 1 Custom List (up to 8 prompts)


Take your workflow to a new level.
Plan Includes:

  • AIPRM Verified Prompts
  • Favorites List (up to 16 prompts)
  • 40 Private Prompt Templates
  • Power Continue + 3 Custom
  • Tone & Writing Style + 3 Custom
  • Hide 16 Prompt Templates
  • 3 Custom Lists (up to 16 prompts each)
  • 2 Public Prompts Upcoming
  • AIPRM Everywhere
  • NEW: 4 Custom Profiles ⭐

AIPRM Elite​

Plan Includes:

  • AIPRM Verified Prompts
  • Favorites List (up to 48 prompts)
  • 120 Private Prompt Templates
  • Power Continue + 10 Custom
  • Tone & Writing Style + 10 Custom
  • Hide 48 Prompt Templates
  • 12 Custom Lists (up to 48 prompts each)
  • 3 Public Prompts Upcoming
  • View Prompt Source ⭐
  • Fork Public Prompt to Private ⭐
  • Live Crawling URLs⭐
  • Prompt Variables
  • Unlimited Teams
  • AIPRM Everywhere
  • NEW: 16 Custom Profiles ⭐
  • NEW: 10 Co-Authors ⭐
  • NEW: Team Admin ⭐
  • SOON: Open Source Models⭐

AIPRM Titan​

Plan Includes:

  • 20x the Limits of AIPRM Pro
  • 4 Public Prompts Upcoming
  • Exclusive Titan Group Membership
  • First Access to Features and Benefits
  • Possible Custom Upgrades
  • NEW: 5 Team Admins ⭐

How To Manually Install AIPRM on Chrome/Edge​

Let’s get that sorted out for you! Here’s a step-by-step guide to manually install a working version:

1. Download the AIPRM Extension: Ensure you’re downloading the extension from a trusted source to keep your browser secure.
Download the latest version here.

2. Unzip the Downloaded Extension: Simply double-click or ‘open’ the downloaded file.

3. Open Chrome: Launch your Chrome browser on your computer.

4. Access Extensions: In the address bar, type in chrome://extensions/ and press Enter.

5. Enable Developer Mode: Locate and toggle on the ‘Developer mode’ switch on the top right corner of the page.

6. Load the Extension: Click on the ‘Load unpacked’ button. This will prompt you to select a file.


7. Select the AIPRM Folder: Navigate to the location where you downloaded and unzipped the AIPRM extension and select the appropriate folder.


8. Complete the Installation: Chrome will now install the AIPRM extension manually. Once installed, you should see it in your list of extensions.

9. Test with ChatGPT: Now that AIPRM is installed, you can head over to ChatGPT and ensure everything’s running smoothly.

Alternative Installation: Drag-and-Drop​

The ZIP drag-and-drop method works for all operating systems, its functionality is specific to browser support.

To make it work, you need to have the root files/folders of the extensions directly ZIPed. When you open the ZIP file, you shouldn’t have a folder with the ZIP file name.

Instructions: Instead of using the ‘Load unpacked’ button, drag the ZIP into the Extensions Tab.

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