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Download Bloom plugin by Elegantthemes. Bloom gives you all the tools you need to turn your website’s visitors into loyal followers and customers. Not only is Bloom going to convert extremely well, it’s going to look great doing it.

Automatic Opt-In Pop-Ups
Bloom lets you create automatic opt-in pop-ups that can be triggered by timed delays, when a user reaches the bottom of a post or page, or even after they comment or purchase. This is an extremely effective way to generate and convert leads.

6 Diverse Opt-In Locations
Different websites, pages, and posts may require different targeting configurations. That’s why we’ve included a large selection of opt-in types and locations for you to display your opt-in forms.

Elegant Themes Blog + Opt-In Pop-Up
After implementing an opt-in pop-up on our very own blog, we saw a 10x increase in conversion rates within weeks!

Automatic Opt-In Fly-Ins
Similar to triggered pop-ups, fly-ins are another great way to grab your readers’ attention. Again, these can be triggered by user interaction such as timed delays or at the end of a page \

Below Post & Inline Opt-In Forms
Bloom let’s you globally display opt-in forms at the bottom of your post and page content while also allowing you to place inline opt-in forms with shortcodes anywhere within your website’s content.
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Live Preview
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  1. 1.3.10 ( updated 03-11-2019 )

    version 1.3.10 ( updated 03-11-2019 ) - Security Update: Fixed a vulnerability that could allow...
  2. 1.3.4

    version 1.3.4 ( updated 08-13-2018 ) - Corrected German translation of button text in WP Admin...
  3. 1.3.2

    version 1.3.2 ( updated 6-14-2018 ) - Updated core framework to the latest version. - Added...
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