Udemy Complete Python Quiz A-Z - Test your Python knowledge.


Staff member
Jan 8, 2018
Preparation for Python interviews, exams and tests with multiple choice questions with Explanation

What you'll learn
  • Variables, basic operators, core data and numeric types.
  • Precedence and associativity, bitwise and boolean.
  • Formatting, advanced formatting and decorators.
  • Types of loops,strings
  • Different types of lists and list comprehension.
  • Various types of tuples and sets.
  • Dictionary, different types of functions and built in functions.
  • Argument parsing, global and local variables, recursion, differences between shallow and deep copy.
  • Functional programming tools, mapping functions, modules like python, math, random, sys, datetime, pickle and tutrle modules.
  • Types of regular expressions and files.
  • Classes and objects, operator overloading, inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation and exception handling.

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