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Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin NULL FULL

Codecanyon Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin NULL FULL 6.4.6

Version 6.4.6 (20th March 2021)
  • DPR got now also auto max values and default is auto DPR
  • Removed unneeded functions and files on WP pages and posts
  • Reduced and cleaned up some of the PHP sources
  • Added indexes to Slider Revolution tables
  • Partly optimized db queries (More will come in next udpates)
  • YouTube video on mobile does not start automatically
  • YouTube video on event pauses, plays and pauses again
  • Gutenberg styling issues after latest WP version update
  • Layer images and background images do not load sometimes (mostly over CDN, or with lazy loading 3rd party plugins)
Version 6.4.5 (19th March 2021)
  • One time error occuring in the update process introduced in 6.4.4
  • There was an empty line in the plugin overview at Slider Revolution
  • All text was getting selected at once, now user can select layer text manually
  • On resize Vimeo and YouTube iframes were getting affected by 'Twenty Twenty One' theme and causing them to get wrong sizes
  • Sometimes resizing would create horizontal scrollbar or leave blank space on right side
  • Image loading times out on slow network before load, now slider will wait longer for images to load
  • Custom SVG elements would not create a new category on upload, and setting favorite on them would first be visible after reload
  • Pan zoom may show half sized images after the latest DPR function
Version 6.4.4 (17th March 2021)
  • Slides with random speed will fall back to 1000ms, random speed won't be allowed any more
  • Distortion AddOn stretch images. Option added to set optional scaling
  • If scrollbar gets removed due to page height change then sometimes the slider doesn't resize
  • Fixed WPBakery page builder block styling
  • HTML5 video layer cover sizing
  • Video fit cover option was causing issues to Vimeo/YouTube backgrounds
  • Bg cover and x% offset calculates the horizontal offset wrong wise on the vertical axis
  • Fixed Vimeo thumbnail not loading in editor.
  • All cookies were decoded by RS, now only cookies set by RS are decoded.
  • Video play/pause button was not showing on mobile.
  • TypeWriter layer postions are not correct in fullscreen sliders. Revolution Slider version 6.4.4 and TypeWriter AddOn version 2.1.1 required
  • Deep linking does not always link to the right page
Version 6.4.3 (9th March 2021)
  • HTML5 video and background layer have a new option 'Video Fit Cover', by default this option is enabled to fit videos as cover. Disable it in case of video size jumps on slide change.
  • Force cover option on bg videos has been removed, the overlay option is now always available on bg videos
  • Layer videos without poster image and paused not showing until revisiting the slide
  • Filter willow breaks in Safari the background visibility. Safari will show a simple black and white filter instead
  • HTML5 video does not playing when the preload options are set to 'disabled'
  • Navigation thumb shows more thumbs on mobile due to a width calculation bug
  • Slider not resizing on touch screen desktop screens
  • Background video was getting pushed out of view if filter is set on slide
  • Long videos sometimes buffer. Logic for how videos start playing has been changed to address this but it still depends on browser's prediction and can't be always gauranteed
  • Overlay pattern was not working on video layer
  • Backend canvas was not clearing completely if browser was zoomed in
  • Justified carousel ignores aspect ratio at the first load if external images are used
  • Max amount of thumbnails is not working if the thumbnail space is set with the px suffix
Version 6.4.2 (26th February 2021)
  • Slides are now numbered in the actions choices for better usability
  • Video with unusual aspect ratios zoom in after slide animation. object-fit:cover is now removed from html5 videos
  • Material icon size conflict with WPBakery plugin resolved
  • Retina display shows blurry background images after Slide background animation
  • Random slide background animations break the editor and does not show transitions on frontend
  • Background rendering on auto size, % size, background aligns and background repeats like repeat-x and repeat-y do not render well since version 6.4.0
Version 6.4.1 (24th February 2021)
  • Having slots could create an error in 6.4.0
  • Firefox character animation with blur has artifacts
Version 6.4.0 (24th February 2021)
New Features
  • Added gradient animation style (fading and sliding) to allow different hover animation effects on gradient layer backgrounds
  • Added canvas based slide animations
    • New sorting of animation types
    • Very smooth and effective rendering of animations
    • Extended the library with tons of new effects
    • Added options like timing, flow, index, row & columns, filters, rotation, scale, motion filters
    • In and out animation can be differently handled now
    • Video, PanZoom, local and external images can be now animated without limitations
  • Apple mouse and touch pads can now also scroll the carousel templates horizontal
  • Parallax has been optimized to avoid calculations on inactive slides
  • Changed several internal PHP scripts to improve speed and memory usage
  • Updated the Google Fonts list
  • Slicey AddOn support to RS 6.4.0 added. Required version 2.1.0
  • Before After AddOn support to RS 6.4.0 added. Required version 2.1.0
  • Revealer AddOn support to RS 6.4.0 added. Required version 2.2.0
  • Distortion / Liquied Effect AddOn support to RS 6.4.0 added. Required version 2.1.0
  • TypeWriter layer position will auto update if the layer dimension is set to auto. Required version 2.1.0
  • Lottie AddOn version 2.0.5 added "Respect Timeline Start" option. Requires RS 6.4.0
  • WP-CLI global variables issues are now fixed.
  • Shape layer with stream sources will show icon now and will hide coloring and image.
  • Hover animations from gradient to solid, solid to gradient will work well now in the editor and frontend
  • Protection against an issue where rapidly opening modal windows in the row may break the page
  • Dragging layer in animation mode where init values is inherit do not change the x,y transition values
  • SVG layer icons show text layer icon on timeline
  • Fixed issues in the Slider Revolution Gutenberg block causing React warnings
  • Fixed slide thumbnail previews not always refreshing in admin
  • Fixed parallax causing screen artifacts in rare cases
  • Progress bar circle throws error if radius is smaller than strength
  • Blur overflows the image layer on Safari
  • Fast clicking on carousel would trigger "cancel" event on carousel and carousel would fail
  • Added protection against third party plugins/themes conflict with slider background images
  • Clicking outside of a modal fails to close the modal
  • Fixed Chrome artifact issue when using parallax with blur animation
Version 6.3.10 (8th February 2021)
  • Frames with filters rendering glitch due the latest fixes in version 6.3.8 and 6.3.9
Version 6.3.9 (3rd February 2021)
  • Before After interaction not available if thumbnail or tab navigation is enabled
  • Slider export with audio files missing the file or url pointing on the original audio file
  • Issues with audio editing in backend. Playback can not be started
  • Filter effects produce artifacts on hover animations since the latest fix 6.3.8
Version 6.3.8 (2nd February 2021)
  • Layer animated with blur produce artifacts in Chrome version 88 and Chrome version 89
Version 6.3.7 (25th January 2021)
  • In some odd cases slider is hidden in the Facebook "In App Browser"
  • Installing AddOn does not show the installed version until refreshing the page
  • "Observe Wrap" option is not working
Version 6.3.6 (20th January 2021)
New Features
  • Added a "wrapper observer" option to execute a module redraw in case the wrapper dimension has changed. This is useful for modules in tabs. Check the editor/general/browser behavior tab
  • Carousel layers sometimes animate again after changing slides
  • Carousel rows change in size after being focused, if column has an overdimensional image
  • PHP notices sometimes influence content and content dimensions
  • Bubble Morph dimension issues in carousel
  • Images are not fetched from WooCommerce posts, if "image from stream if exist" is selected
  • Steam preview shows wrong error information
  • Custom particle not using the correct color in particle effects
  • Issues with toggle media and mute in groups
  • FilmStrip scrolling issues on mobile
  • Wrong dimension calculations sometimes causes overlapped layers in the editor
  • Global color skin modal not showing automatically
  • Google fonts download for Material Icons to host Material Icons locally not working correctly
  • WhiteBoard addon issues
  • Updated and extended error messages if the stream is not available. The preview will be auto closed
  • Dragging a carousel when touching a link does not work in some cases
  • Translated slides are not removed if the parent slide has been deleted
  • "From left" and "from right" animations on rows have wrong offset values
  • Vimeo "Auto Play: Off" and "Mute at Start: Off" is not playing music, neither does it show the mute/unmute button on mobile devices
  • Changing animation attributes on the "Anim From" keyframe, does not visually update changes
  • Dragging layers in animation view doesn't change the values of the selected (Set as Editor View) frame
Version 6.3.5 (31st December 2020)
  • Added a protection against loop animation on layers where curviness was allowed and no values were set on x,y which may have produced console errors
  • Changing metas in the navigation editor will now straight add changes to the global and slide based styles
  • Fixed: Post excerpt limitations will now really make a difference between words and chars
  • Fixed: The vertically position of the progress bar may not show up well on slides with dynamic height in carousel view
  • Reducing amount of columns in a row will now copy layers from the "removed" column into the last existing column
  • Fixed: Rare error in backend that prevented editing sliders in case the new covered mode of layers has been used
  • Fixed: Chrome layout breaks on device orientation change
Version 6.3.4 (23rd December 2020)
New Features
  • Added PHP 8.0 compatibility
  • Added vertical and horizontal mask offsets to the navigation thumbs and tabs to allows shadows and glows on objects
  • Videos may have started on the 1st click on the module in case the video was already played and paused. This comes due to a fix for the new browser rules which would not allow to play any media without user interaction. Now further protection has been added
  • Added protection in the editor against corrupt layers which are not standard and have been added due to an earlier bug in very rare situations.
  • Deprecated function align left, right, center of the module has been removed. Floating of full container must added on a higher container structure and not within the slider itself anymore.
  • Fixed integration of Essential Grid, which was not loading as an embeded layer in Slider Revolution on second or further slides
  • Slider with static group layers may got huge offsets next to the module on mobile devices. This overflow issue has been fixed now
  • Fixed Maintenance AddOn WP 5.6 compatibilty. Requried AddOn version: 2.1.3
  • Navigation default font-family was not editable/available in the navigation editor and in the slide/module navigation presets
  • Selected navigation type did not open up the right modal if the navigation has been edited
Version 6.3.3 (10th December 2020)
  • Post meta data are not saved anymore when they are at the default value
  • First click of a slider module will double check now any existences of videos in the active slide before the call is triggered
  • Fixed image border in columns where the image was overlaying its own border in columns
  • Rows with 10 columns were not allowed due to a bug in the sanitize function. This bug is solved now
  • Fixed the optimizer where websafe fonts broke the font size output in some rare cases
Version 6.3.2 (2nd December 2020)
  • Single slides were not visible when importing template slides in the editor
  • Added protection against layertype "textshadow" and "boxshadow" which could accidentally be added due to the quick style editor in preversions of RS.
  • Navigation bullet position based style did not work due to missing spaces between the class names
  • Dione bullets had no font size and line height settings, which made dione bullet look different in the backend and in frontend
  • Fixed video position calculation in groups if the video height is set to 100% and the video is not loaded before the group is drawn
  • In some cases the slider height was not auto updated when the height shrinks and a new slide has no rows added to the content
  • Covered shape and image aligned to the module was not showing well in the editor
  • Replaced depricated jQuery functions to raise compatibility with upcoming WordPress versions
Version 6.3.1 (24th November 2020)
  • Fixed a bug where in the layer actions, simple links did not properly prepend the correct http/https
  • Removed the "Undefined Text" output over the YouTube layer and background videos
  • Fixed a bug where setting the permissions inside of the global settings did not work properly
  • Exporting modules from backend may compress the file with a wrong format. Also requires the Video Scroll AddOn 2.0.2
New Features
  • Replaced the rendering processes which decreases page loading times, removes unneeded delays and boosts rendered frames per second
  • Reduced memory usage, improved rendering and calculation processes, smoothed out frame drops
  • Added 1 click installation for Modules and Packages with Addons that were not activated yet. They will be automatically activated and enabled
  • Static Layers can now be set individually to stay behind or over the module. This will not work on Rows and children of rows
  • Added custom deeplink tag per slide. Slides can be addressed now due to custom names like: http://mydomain.com#sunnyslide and also by slide order like: http://mydomain.com#slide2
  • Object Library Extension: Custom SVG files can be now uploaded to Object Library under My Custom SVG Files folder. Tags, Naming can be set directly in the Object Library
  • Layer Settings: Introducing SVG orignal Color option, which will respect to the original SVG’s colors and will not fill / color paths and strokes
  • Particles Effects Addon 2.3.0 : Added custom SVG Support (Version 6.3.0 required)
  • Particles Effects Addon 2.3.0 : Added original Color option in case Custom SVG used as Particle
  • Particles Effects Addon 2.3.0 : Added Responsive Size management
  • Introducing Modal general speed, which will allow to harmonise and set the in and out animation of Modal windows
  • Added Mouse Wheel options to stop slider scroll on the way up/down and go through slides before page scrolls further if % of Module is visible in viewport
  • Paintbrush Addon Version 2.1.9 (13 Oct 2020) : Added support for Mobile Devices
  • MouseTrap Addon Version 2.0.8 (13 October 2020) : Added support for Mobile Devices
  • Introducing Video Scroll Addon 1.0.0
  • Introducing a brand new Lottie Addon
  • Added Random Slide to a layer action “Jump to Slide”
  • Delete and Duplicate slides now also available in the Overview Mode
  • Editor can zoom in and zoom out for now between 0,5 and 2 factors for better editing and support of smaller screen editing
  • Full Screen module offsets will be respected also if Time Scroll based animation enabled, to keep/stick the Module at the offset point instead of the top of the page
  • Updated the Google Fonts library
  • Updated Drag and Drop functionality in Editor to protect column, row and group orders and make even more simple to move layers within a group , columns and rows
  • Updated Preloading and Preparing processes in Editor to make Editor loading time 50%+ quicker
  • Added intelligent on the demand of a field management in Editor to only render and prepare functions which are really necessary while in editing mode
  • Drag, Move, resize and further events will only be prepared if layers , slides, or referenced elements touched to win over 50%+ speed in backend rendering processes
  • Changed CodeMirror against RevMirror to avoid Namespacing issues with other Themes and Plugins
  • Reversed Timeline Frames (frame_999 of layers) will now respect in animation lengths
  • Reversed Timeline Frames are not marked with “(R)”
  • Fixed a bug where the instagram video was not showing as a layer
  • Disabled the New Relic browser monitoring in preview mode
  • Fixed undo/redo bug where color changing and further actions were sometimes not Undoable in editor due a color skin logical error
  • Changing Video sources in editor caused javascript crash on preview without reloading the page. This issue has been fixed
  • Fixed PE7 icon lineheights in frontend
  • Slide links over front layer did not work due some reference issues. This bug has beed fixed now
  • Fixed calculation issues if Group Layer height and width were defined via percentage and set to scene aligned
  • Fixed IE11 getElementsByTagName issue
  • Fixed vertical position calculation on Vertical centered rows
  • Fixed action triggered animations due multiple Frames where sometimes content was not visible after triggering them
  • Get rid of the bug where transparent Background Images with pan zoom effect doubled the bacground.
  • MouseTrap Addon 2.0.7: Fixed RTL Issues which disorted the horizontal position of Mouse triggered items
  • Fixed an issue where appending 3d Parallax items moved group and row children out of their wrapper causing random bugs
  • Issue with showing of multiple Adverts, warnings and information containers after Slider regsitration process has been fixed
  • Solved an issue where editor may not show layer and slide backgrounds if file name had spaces or special charachters
  • Problem solved when zIndex and Layer order was not sorted well after importing Layers from other Slider
  • Slide link zIndex issues has been fixed in some cases where Slide link which should overaly the layer was still underlaying them
  • Auto Reverse on Char, Word or Line splitted animations did not play the animation correct before. This issue has been fixed
  • Fixed a problem with default delays in general split animations where frame0 or frame1 anination used a dealy of 0
  • Fixed Split animation direction “Edge to Middle” which was until now a simple forward animation direction
  • Deleting Key Frame of Animation did not auto refreshed the Input fields in editor
  • Loading / editing Layers with splitted animation may not shown the correct frame lengths in editor
  • New Quickstyle elements will get auto Intelligent inheriting and these will be straight visible, without the needs to save and reload the module
  • Fixed Before/After Addon Safari issues. Required version 2.0.10
  • Fixed Version Comparing in Addons lists where version 2.0.10 was older than 2.0.9
  • z Transforms in depth were not well rendered on Splitted Text animations like Chars, Words and Lines
  • Calculation of Scroll progresses were not calculated well if the time scroll based module added as first element in page
  • Global Layers on two Slides disappeared on “backwards” module rotation
  • Fixed a bug where iOS Transformation on z axis were rendered on the wrong position
  • Particle Addon 2.3.1 Fixed: Particles failed to load on first slide in carousel slider
  • Bubble Morph Addon 2.3.1 Fixed: Bubbles failed to render on Carousel module
  • Fixed and issue where mutliple frame based layer animations get mixed up if layer is moved into a group / column
  • Filtering on char, words and line animations shown warning in console. This issue has been fixed

Version 6.2.23 (14th September 2020)
New Features
  • Added new Mouse Trap addon for mouse animations and advanced actions on layers
  • 7 brand new templates are now available (3 for demonstrating the Mouse Trap addon functionality)

Version 6.2.22 (21th August 2020)
  • Fixed a bug where post based sliders would show the featured image instead of its correct setting, if the background type was set to transparent or colored and image from stream was set to on
  • Fixed a conflict with the oxygen builder plugin that resulted in the previews of sliders not working properly
  • Moved the loading of custom eases to a later point to save some time for the first rendering of elements
  • Fixed initialisation of Slider Revolution if 3rd party plugins and/or themes do unbind state events on DOM
  • Fixed the admin top bar list where all slider were listed in some odd cases
  • Fixed a bug where post based sliders would show the featured image instead of its correct setting, if the background type was set to transparent or colored and image from stream was set to on
  • Fixed a conflict with the oxygen builder plugin that resulted in the previews of sliders not working properly
  • Moved the loading of custom eases to a later point to save some time for the first rendering of elements
  • Fixed initialisation of Slider Revolution if 3rd party plugins and/or themes do unbind state events on DOM
  • Fixed the admin top bar list where all slider were listed in some odd cases
New Features
  • Layer background supports now also image sources from stream
  • Added custom fonts list to global settings, which supports custom fonts in the editor area also.
    Available options: font family name, url to font style, available font weights, load font in front- and/or backend environment
  • ThemePunch tool main reference "punchgs" has been replaced by "tpGS"
  • GreenSock Engine update from Version 2.x to Version 3.x
  • Easing now have new aliases. i.e. Power2.easeInOut now can be referenced with short names like power2.inOut
  • Added carousel mobile swipe and desktop mobile swipe options under the navigation touch section which allows you to disable the carousel navigation via touch if needed
  • Timeline limit extended to a maximum of 3:00 min
  • Merged the AddOn notices into one single notice
  • Optimized page loading
  • Reduced file sizes for faster loading times
  • Added sharp corners also to shape layers
  • Text decoration style will no longer be applied to row, column and group layers
  • Auto width full height image layers will now respect also the image width in FireFox
  • Importing a package into a folder will no longer return an moving error even thought the slider was properly moved
  • Releasing Mouse outside of Modal windows will not any more close the Modal windows, to support copy/paste within text editors
  • Fixed an issue where the touch/swipe functionality on full slide links in carousel mode was not working properly.
  • Fixed the color animation if the text color has been animated from a different value to the default and the splitted text option was set in character, word or lines mode.
  • Fixed hover animation issues in editor mode where the default filters added an odd black flash effect to the animation start
  • Fixed navigation not working anymore after loading a slider in a modal that has the "Put JS To Body" option set to on
  • Fixed a bug where old carousel sliders do not show all slides even if they should
  • Elements without 3d animation settings will now ignore the transform perspective attribute to render layers on retina displays as sharp as possible
  • Fixed an issue where the navigation arrows lost their thumbnail images after the first slide
  • Fixed an issue where the navigation thumbs of a post based slider would be scaled two times
  • Issue with Ken Burns effect in Firefox's latest browser hes been fixed where the animation stop playing after slide in transform
  • Fixed a very rare bug where JavaScript errors blocked any further functionality in the overview page when a template has been directly installed after updating the AddOns
  • Fixed small glitches in overview page and in editor
  • Scroll navigation in carousel sliders has beed fixed
  • Long Touch and swipe function in Carousel Sliders may made the whole slider container to jump and laggy
  • Fixed an issue where moving sliders from folders to root and back broke with JavaScript error
Version 6.1.8 (30th January 2020)
  • Fixed google font preload not working properly with italic fonts
  • Fixed CountDown AddOn where the count down layers were not auto updated within groups, rows and columns. CountDown AddOn version 2.1.1 is required
  • Carousel animation was laggy if all layers were visible on all slide elements
  • Carousel did not auto transform to next slide and did not reacted to navigation evens if "snap to X aligment" option was turned off
  • Carousel Elements sometimes disappearing by Swipe if max amount of elements size smaller then Document width
  • Fixed exploding layers issues in the editor where a layer can not be moved around in the animation mode. AddOn version 2.1.0 required
  • Fixed an issue with exploding layers where the animation on Layers with a tag will not animate smoothly. AddOn version 2.1.0 required
  • Fixed an issue in the core of the Distortion AddOn which was breaking the slider editor in some rare cases
  • Fixed BubbleMorph shadow options. AddOn version 2.1.0 of the BubbleMorph AddOn is required
  • Navigation tabs and thumbs vertical scrolling will not scroll the page any more on mobile devices
  • Fixed Avada Slider Revolution Block (bug came with the 6.1.7 update of RevSlider)
  • Importing a package into a folder will no longer return an moving error even thought the slider were properly moved
  • Buttons become unresponsive on mobile (both iOS and Android) if Block Scroll option is turned on
  • Fixed Android Scroll issues on Slider when Swipe was enabled
Version 6.1.7 (18th January 2020)
New Features

  • Added Image Background from Stream for Layers
  • Fixed tabindex not beeing properly added
  • Fixed a bug with the plugin_locale filter
  • Fixed an issue with flickr not displaying images if original size is not available anymore
Version 6.1.6 (10th January 2020)
New Features
  • Added color skins to define global colors for different color attributes through any kind of element. I.e. create a color group for highlight colors and then attach them to the font-color, border-color, navigation elements, slide backgrounds, shape colors and so on. This is the best way to edit templates very quick and simple.
  • Carousel offset values can scale now also linear to slide scales to allow different horizontal carousel animations based on scale, horizontal offset and this new option
  • Added retina canvas support for the Paintbrush AddOn. The Paintbrush AddOn version 2.1.3 is required
  • Added global option to modify the Slider Revolution backend language manually (no need to change the whole WordPress backend language)
  • Carousel slides will load on demand with lazy loading if lazy loading is set to single/smart. The amount of loaded elements depend on the amount of visible slides set in the carousel settings.
  • Added auto width slides for the carousel mode (justified) Option.
  • Added sticky mode for the carousel layout
  • Added permanent visible individual layers, to extend the "visible all" layers feature in the carousel mode. This gives you more freedom as for which layers should always be visible and which should only be visible on slide focus
  • Added an force overflow hidden option for the carousel mode which can be very useful in the new justified carousel mode
  • Added new option to hide hover functionality on layers if the Slider is loaded on mobile.
  • Added Page Template "Slider Revolution Blank Page" for Posts too
  • Added Background Color Page option for Slider Revolution Blank Page Template
  • Added Block Settings (PopUp, Spacing, zIndex etc) for Gutenberg, WP Bakery Page Builder and Elementor
  • Updated google fonts
  • Updated the preview function to show a more realistic preview in the backend using desktop mode
  • Updated the carousel engine for a better performance and smoother animations
  • Added throw phyiscs to the carousel engine
  • Changed the internal packaging process, to always pack WordPress plugins with file permssions 755 (for folders) and 644 (for files), to conform the WordPress standards
  • Added a workaround for a Safari bug where image layer animations shift when the opacity is below 1 at start
  • Essential Grid will now be parsed in layer. On start animation, Essential Grid will call the redraw option
  • Static layer editor will now honor the last edited slide and will resize and reposition none editable elements for better orientation in the static slide editing
  • Warning added on background filters to inform about incompatible filters on videos for the Edge and Internet Explorer Browsers
  • Videos in the editor can now have "auto" height and "%" width independent if they are positioned in columns, groups or on the stage directly
  • Fixed a bug where the usage of {{featured_image_url_*}} parameters for post based and Instagram sliders did not work properly
  • Fixed a bug where layers from the layer library could not be imported
  • Fixed a bug where the a slide would be visible on mobile even if the setting was set that it should not be visible
  • Fixed a bug where updating from an old version of Slider Revolution could change the animations in rare cases, so that the slider editor can not be loaded
  • Fixed tons of small glitches in the carousel rendering. Fixed swipe failures and missing elements on the left/right side. Fixed rotation and scale issues if the varying option was set to true
  • The slider editor will now also save published/unpublished slides even if no other setting was changed on those slides
  • Fixed scroll effects on mobile devices
  • The dropzone will now only be shown to real dragged files in the editor
  • Fixed minHeight issue on fullwidth sliders. From now on it will ignore unused values set by auto layout
  • The Toggle state of playing/pausing a slider will not jump anymore between forward and backward when the slide is changing.
  • Fixed box-shadow issue in FireFox by removing the filter rest blur(0px) on some elements
  • Fixed a bug where Vimeo Autoplay on iOS was not working well on the 2nd and further Loops
  • Bubble Morph bug fixed where linear resized small containers used to shake on mobile devices. Bubble Morph 2.0.3 is required
  • Fixed a bug where an empty Slider Revolution block opens the template library on page/post editor loading
  • Fixed the smart loading feature, which will now load the previous/next slide content when the slide is focused
  • Fixed a bug where the optimizer stopped working in the page editor in case the module included any AddOns
  • Fixed inline style issues on layers when the slide link was added at the end of the slide container
  • Fixed a bug where looped media could not be saved. After 1 reload and resave the video lost its looped state
  • Fixed a bug where inline styled colors in splitted text (chars, lines, words) were not respected
  • TypWriter multiple line editing bug fixed. TypeWriter version 2.0.2 required
  • Fixed device pixel ratio issue on retina displays. The Paintbrush AddOn version 2.1.3 is required
  • Fixed an issue where none of the YouTube playlist listitems was selected after the playlist updates
  • Fixed click mouseenter and mouseleave actions on layers in combination with navigation show/hide, slider focus/blur events
  • Before After AddOn split initialisation will respect all screensizes now, instead of jumping 50% on smaller screens. The Before After AddOn 2.0.3 is required
  • Fixed Slicey AddOn compatibility with the Type Writer AddOn. Slicey 2.0.1 AddOn required
  • Fixed Google Font loading issue if the global option for preload was selected
Version 6.1.5 (14th November 2019)
New Features
  • The import process now checks for image duplication not only in the same folder but in the whole WordPress installation
  • The gutenberg block opens the module library now directly when added
  • Removed unwanted "rated" text from WooCommerce product star rating
  • Fixed scrollbar issues in the editor and overview pages
  • Fixed an issue with line heights in some rare cases where i.e. Safari was ignoring the responsive children sizes
  • Fixed drop zone issues in the overview and editor mode where dragging files from desktop over the browser was not always working well
Version 6.1.4 (9th November 2019)
New Features
  • Moving layers in animation mode will move the layers x/y transform value in the selected frame. This will allow to fine tune the animation positions of layers
  • Drag and drop images and or videos to the editor to create layers on demand to shorten the required steps to create image/video layers
  • German and French translation added
  • Added a link help option to slide and action links, to help auto selection of http and https protocols for links
  • Added a file and media optimizer feature, available on pages/posts, overview and Slider Editor mode to optimize embeded media files and to get a general overview about loaded filesizes
  • Updated google font list
  • Removed unneeded font stylings from img layers
  • The slide links and layer action links http/https auto adjustment behavior can now be changed as an own option
  • Optimized the output to ignore the font style based settings on unrelated layers
  • Updated some output details if something goes wrong for better understanding
  • Optimized the snap and guideline settings to simplify the usage. If it is enabled, it will always show guidelines and will always snap to them.
  • Changed the values for carousel opacity, rotation and scale. some of the values were not working properly, some of the values were the other way around.
  • Fixed a bug where the slider timer was still processing after a slide change. Even pause on hover was activated
  • Adding folders into other folders were not respecting the parent folder strucutre in the editor overview
  • Fixed svg's at the layer import process to point to the correct path
  • Fixed a preview slider bug where the order was not shown correctly
  • Fixed a preview slider bug where unpublished slides would be shown
  • Fixed a bug where custom animations where not transfered from v5 to v6. With this fix, missing v5 animations should now show up
  • Fixed timeline option not working for some Facebook pages
  • Fixed an issue where modal sliders did not show up when JavaScript was loading in footer
  • Fixed iOS9 bugs
  • Fixed double shown posters on YouTube background videos in Safari
  • Fixed WhiteBoard ghost pixels in Firefox by removing the rotation effect of the "Hand" for Firefox. WhiteBoard 2.1 required
  • Fixed an issue where 43+ layers exsits and the order of layers are equal to 6 + layer order. In this case it would fall back to the last order
  • Typo issue fixed in file wp-content\plugins\revslider\admin\revslider-admin.class.php
  • Fixed a bug where video or mp3 layers in the gobal layers would create an extra slide in the export file
  • Fixed an issue where entering the viewport would restart layer videos even if this already paused/stopped due to another process
  • Fixed looping issues in case the slider became hidden by exteral CSS/JavaScript code independet of the internal option hideSlideUnder
  • Fixed an issue where invisible layers should be visible when hovering list elements in the editor
  • Fixed a problem where auto played videos were not playing in carousel slider when all layers where shown at, once the option was selected and the slide change was processed
  • Fixed audio layer issues in the global layers (visible control buttons, muted audio, etc.)
  • Fixed videos that might be muted after import even if they should have sound on start
  • Fixed the export/import of svg files not working properly
  • Fixed exported zip files where they could not be imported again in certain circumstances
  • Changes on the new custom navigation could not be saved before reloading the page. This issue has been fixed now
  • Fixed placeholder feature for text and button layers to simplify the visible content on layers if needed
  • Solved navigation styling issues in the editor
  • Fixed loop effect animation issues with 0px dimensions
  • Fixed issue where slides of other WPML languages where not properly imported
  • Fixed issue where with WPML, language slides where not properly taken
  • Fixed carousel opacity, rotation, scale and vary opacity, vary rotation and vary scale options. You need to adjust the settings in some cases after this update!
  • Fixed overview problems where modules were not showing up under folders in some very rare cases.
  • Fixed an issue where adding bulk slides, importing slide(s) from templates or other modules did not save the slide content properly
  • Importing layers modals will not open anymore if the import slide process started and the module has only one slide
Version 6.1.3 (3rd October 2019)
New Features
  • Added guide lines based on grid and on similar aligned layers where layers can snap to these guidlines also. Even gaps can be set to snap by predefined spaces
  • Folders in overview will show now the first found elements admin thumb even in multiple depths
  • GreenSock TweenMax library updated to version 2.1.3.
  • Changed the Event Manager meta for layers from {{event_event_id}} to {{event_id}}
  • Added an option in the Panorama AddOn to lock vertical draggings. Panorama AddOn 2.1.0 is required
  • Change Facebook API connection to access tokens (because of the new API security guidelines)
  • Changed the usage of wp_upload_dir() in the object library, so that the calls of it are minimized, as it caused issues on Pantheon Servers
  • Changed behavior of certain functions to better support Pantheon servers
  • Modal loading will now use the cover background already before the modal window is loaded. This happens only if the cover background is enabled and a color is selected
  • Fixed IE11 HTML5 bug
  • Fixed IE11 navigation bugs
  • Fixed migration issues where in the slide transition the first element was existing but was an empty string
  • Fixed Instagram issue function 'instagram_autoloader' not found
  • Fixed predefined height calculation of Sliders where preloaders on mobile devices were offset positioned
  • Fixed import bug of static slides not deleting the old image id of a layer
  • Fixed a scroll animation issue where a fullwidth slider position offsetted if the element was not embeded on a blank page template. Thanks to Kashif for the great suggestion!
  • Updated missing media filters for the Pan Zoom effects
  • Fixed "start with slide" in carousel mode which was somehow not fixed in version 6.1.2 due to a glitch
  • Fixed issues in the overview/dashboard where some of the control buttons were not clickable in Safari Browser
  • Fixed custom preset loading issues with the Particle Effects AddOn. Required version 2.1.0
  • Fixed a notice that occured in a carousel if scale is set to off and fadeout is set to on
  • Fixed issue where carousel elements scale over an acceptable limit. This value has been limited now
  • Fixed line height issues on colums. Now you can also set line height defaults for columns to avoid spacing issues where layers within columns are lower than 25px
  • Fixed a Paintbrush AddOn issue where the paintbrush option were not added to streams and post based sliders
  • Fixed an issue with the carousel navigation due to bullets and arrows in some cases where the slide size was equal or bigger than screensize
  • Fixed a markup issue in the overview where folder drop zones were not available anymore after last browser updates
  • Fixed YouTube slide background images to show as default the high resolution image if available
Version 6.1.2 (18th September 2019)
New Features
  • Added new depth on the overview page for slides in sliders
    • Rename, delete, publish and unpublish slides straight in the overview without opening the editor itself
    • Change sorting, set admin thumbnail and open the editor with selected slide straight from the overview
  • Added custom font-family definition in global settings to extend the text layer font-family selectors
  • Added high contrast mode for better readability. Turn this option on/off in the global settings
  • Added admin thumb image to the Slider Revolution Gutenberg Block
  • Added a new text stroke option in the advanced styles
  • Importing template packages that has a modal slider, will now set all the needed actions in the layers so that the modal works directly. Please note that for already downloaded sliders, a new installation is needed with the "Re-Download Online" option set to "on"
  • Changes due to Instagram API retiring public information for security reasons:
    • Removed "likes" meta. The output of former used "likes" meta will be blank
    • "author name" meta will now display the searched user name
  • Default cycles for scale animation updated to (0.5 to 1) from (-50 to 50)
  • Fixed the tabs/thumbs navigation alignment navigation element styles with gaps issues.
  • Fixed overall navigation align issues where rows and columns with media content added to stage
  • Fixed covered background videos and covered layer videos in the Edge Browser
  • Fixed styling issues of the pagination and sorting in the backend overview page
  • Fullscreen video background sizes will calculate now already on the first load when the grid size is overdimensioned
  • Fixed an issue where images with no dimension would break the editor at initialisation in Firefox
  • Fixed Instagram fatal error in combination with older Essential Grid versions
  • Fixed Instagram slide link {{link}} not working due to changed API structure
  • Fixed Instagram connection issue for servers with 'allow_url_fopen' restriction
  • Fixed Instagram stream {{link}} in slide link option not working
  • Fixed many minor RTL styling issues in the editor
  • Fixed IE11 issues. Now the slider works also with older Internet Explorer versions
  • Fixed bad aligned layers when elements are center aligned with offsets. Requires the TypeWriter AddOn 2.0.1
  • Installing template packages into folders will now respect the installation target folder also after reloading the page
  • Fixed MS Edge masking issues, where layers were not correct rendering under mask animations
  • Fixed blurry layers in Firefox that happened in some special cases
  • Only real changes will be saved, independent what element has been touched during the session
  • Fixed double starting of layers in carousel mode during auto processing of slides
  • Fixed BubbleMorph on static layers. BubbleMorph version 2.0.2 is required
  • Fixed the Nashville image filter with Ken Burns effect
  • Fixed compatibility issues on older versions of iOS 9.x or newer
  • Fixed "start with slide" value in carousel mode
  • Fixed content jumping when a fullscreen slider is set up with min height values
  • Fixed toggle mute/unmute of Vimeo videos on mobile issues
  • Fixed layer video issue where "no loop" was not selectable together with the "auto progress of slide" option
  • Removed folders will not break any more the last visited folder in the page editor
Version 6.1.1 (4th September 2019)
New Features
  • Added slider images to the Yoast SEO sitemap
  • Added convert layer function to change the layertype from image to video or from text to button and vice versa
  • Post based sliders must now have the slide option "Image from Stream if exists" set to on, to use the featured image
  • The dotted overlays will show now also on video covers
  • The dotted overlays are now set to pointer-events:none; to make any video controls available behind the overlay
  • Enabling the on scroll timeline based function at Layers will automatically disable the loop effects now. No undo avaiable
  • Added frame "start" input field for easier and better editing of animation frames
  • Added a feature to reset the hover to idle style on multiple selected layers
  • Added custom image sizes to the slide background images
  • Background videos will not auto stop layer videos at start just like in older versions
  • Fixed specific post slider not selecting the correct posts
  • Fixed post based slider not working when categories and tags were selected in combination
  • Fixed Gallery AddOn not working together with the "Slider Revolution Blank Template"
  • Fixed caoursel speed issues where other than the default value would not animate the carousel anymore
  • Fixed dotted overlay where the overlay was written on bg videos even if the force cover option was disabled
  • Fixed on scroll based layers where the disable scroo based option on child elements were ignored
  • Fixed an issue in the colorpicker where the custom preset colors were not saving
  • Fixed an issue in the import process where YouTube images could create a notice
  • Fixed the gradient background colors for columns in Firefox
  • Fixed offset cursors at first click in the custom CSS and JavaScript editor in the slider settings
  • Aligment of content based navigation on carousel has been fixed
  • Fixed the Font Awesome iconset in the object library
  • Content with loop effects in columns and groups were not resizing well
  • Selecting navigation elements in the editor was not selecting settings of that element automatically
  • Progress Bar on top position was rendered incorrectly in editor
  • Fixed custom navigation per slide settings (override style on slide) which was not rendered on the frontend before
  • Fixed an issues where the start/end time of frames could not be reset to realisitc values. Added duration and start fields
  • Added missing Essential Grid functions when Slider used as Content in ESG Lightbox
  • Fixed a bug where the pause slider timer on the slide bg videos could not be enabled
  • Fixed Bubble Morph border settings where the border was not rendered on frontend. The BubbleMorph AddOn version 2.0.1 is required
  • Fixed the Crypto Slider template which was conflicting with some other 3rd party plugins i.e. Learnpress
  • Fixed a ruler bug in the editor
  • Fixed custom navigations not beeing converted from v5 to v6
  • Fixed backend preview for streams and post sliders
  • Fixed Instagram issue for certain server environments
  • Fixed an issue with multiple slide animations after update from V5x to V6x
  • Fixed output issues when Essential Grid is inside slide layer
  • Fixed burger menu button animation issue. To solve the existing issues do one of the following:
    • a) remove the layer button and add it again in version 6.1.1+
    • b) add manually the action "toggle class" "open" to the layer
Version 6.1.0 (21th August 2019)
  • Changed the alias check to also work with a slider alias that has spaces
  • Changed the "Media Loop" dropdown option to on/off. Default value in background videos is set to "ON" and on layer videos to "OFF"
  • Introducing the "Pause Module Timer" during media playback On/Off option. Default value is "ON"
  • Media Loop option will change loop to "ON" if it was set to "Loop and Stop Slider Progress" timer or if it was set to "Loop but do not stop Slider Progress". At any other way, loop will be set to "OFF"
  • Pause module timer during playback will be set to "ON" if media loop was set earlier to "No Loop" or to "Loop and Stop Slider Progress". At any other way, it will be set to "OFF".
  • Changed JavaScript version compare functionality
  • Removed debugmode option for frontend debugging
  • Enabling "Loop Media" will disable "Next Slide at End" and enabling "Next Slide at End" will disable "Loop Media" for logical reasons
  • Autoplay of audio has been removed. Audio can only now played on manual starts (via actions and/or controls) due browser limitations
  • Changed calculation of last/first slide position in Carousel Module if Infinity is set to true
  • Improved user experiment by swiping the Carousel
  • Default Tablet width breakpoint changed to 778px again as it was in the Previous Versions
  • Fixed background slide image having no alt tag
  • Border Radius bug on image layers has been fixed
  • Fixed an issue where layers in groups gets removed when the Before/After option is enabled. Version 2.0.1 of the Before/After AddOn is required
  • Fixed "Do not play Auto 1st time" where Media was not playing in following loops
  • Fixed an issue where layers not animating out when "end time" is shorter then Slide time and and previous slide has a shorter duration than the current slide
  • Fixed Vimeo and YouTube loop issues on background and layer videos
  • Fixed Safari input issues, where only 1 character could be entered
  • Changing "Set as Editor View" will now overtake the changes directly
  • Fixed On scroll based timeline which not working in some special cases
  • 3D rotated frames were clipping in the editor. Issue fixed. Still CSS filtered layers will keep clipping if 3D rotation is existing.
  • Fixed color filters for background Medias.
  • Fixed background filters with the Pan Zoom effects.
  • Fixed Vimeo start at/end at, loop and rewind at slide start functions
  • Fixed HTML5 start at/end at and loop issues
  • Fixed Mute/Unmute video issues
  • Fixed HTML5 background videos in Carousel Slider with "Show all Layer" once enabled
  • Fixed YouTube videos on Mobile where Video was always autoplaying
  • Fixed an issue with "active-revslide" class. Name changed to active-rs-slide and it will only exist on active Slide.
  • Fixed Filmstrip AddOn Issues with Multiple Filmstrip Modules on one Page. Version 2.0.2 of Filmstrip AddOn is required
  • Fixed Multiple Frame animation on Demand issues, where 2nd and further loops were not animated well
  • Layers which should be first on Action and have Dynamic caluclated positions will get force hidden class to ignore calculation and rendering before they required
  • Fixed Show Layer on Mouse over Module which was not working if no layer action was defined in the Module.
  • Fixed navigation glitches within Carousel due Navigation arrows.
  • Dedicated an issue with SiteGround Server. This can be solved due the SiteGround Server Settings "enforce rewrite of external urls"
Version 6.0.9 (3rd August 2019)
  • Removed duplicated message that an update is available in the plugin overview page
  • Switched the hover border radius bottom left and bottom right input fields in the slide editor
  • Fixed a static function using $this in the Events Manager integration
  • Fixed a bug where YouTube/Vimeo stream layers were not working properly
  • Fixed a bug where the Vimeo stream slide background was not working properly
  • Fixed a bug where the row background image was not shown
  • Fixed a bug where "Disable RS Font Awesome Library" did show off even if it is set to on
Version 6.0.8 (30th July 2019)
  • Updated the google fonts library, new google fonts are now available
  • Fixed a bug where Slide Options -> Tags & Links -> Link & Seo -> Link to Slide was not set after import
  • Fixed a bug where the excerpt of a post/page was only showing ...
  • Fixed a rare bug where the editor broke while dragging an image
  • Fixed an import bug where the video url could be wrong if importing a Slider in version 6
  • Fixed a JavaScript bug in slide editor were the editor would not load
  • Fixed Elementor widgets of Slider Revolution not working if logged out
Version 6.0.7 (23th July 2019)
  • Changed global option "Include libraries globally" default value to on, please set it to off manually again if wanted
  • Changed the second parameter of the function temporary_remove_sizes() to be optional
  • Added filter revslider_include_libraries again
  • Fixed a bug where a custom navigation could lead to the slide editor not beeing able to be loaded for that slider
Version 6.0.6 (20th July 2019)
  • Changed obsolete function getArrSliders() default value to false, so that template slider are not shown in lists of page builders that still use this obsolete function
  • Added 2nd Instagram crawler method for compatibility with certain servers
  • Added the automatic replacement of spaces to dashes in the Slider Revolution shortcode
  • In the WooCommerce category selection, only tags and cagetories will now be listed
  • Added RevSliderSlide->getParam() for compatibility with certain plugins. Please use RevSliderSlide->get_val() instead
  • Fixed static slide "global layers" settings not showing the selected value in the slide editor after reloading the settings
  • Fixed issue where in old PHP versions an PHP error occured in the update routine
  • Fixed issue where in post/pages, the "Choose Slide Template" option was not saved
  • Fixed alt. image on mobile option not working properly
  • Fixed spike masks on layers not working properly
  • Fixed issue with add_revslider() in combination with library global inclusion not set
  • Fixed issue with WooCommerce slider, where in combination of "In Stock Only" and selecting more than one category created unwanted results
  • Fixed issue with Elementor, where the Slider Revolution Widget was not rendered in frontend
  • Fixed issue in editor, where the preload option for html5 videos was not visible
  • Fixed issue in post/page editor, where saving returned an error when in the slider settings for the added slider, output filter was set to "By Echo Output"
  • Fixed installation/backup complications with the TGM Plugin Activation library
Version 6.0.5 (16th July 2019)
  • Scaling layers will auto change linebreak and layer width from "auto" to a static width, in case the layer is scaled to a higher size than the layer grid itself
  • FontAwesome icon styling from Slider Revolution will now only influence Slider Revolution structures
  • Added disable FontAwesome option which will not load the FontAwesome library from Slider Revolution if needed
  • Added new button collection to the quickstyle library
  • Layer scaling will not effect the border radius any more to avoid strange changes on different screensizes
  • Image, Shape and Text Layers will get layer align "Scene" if they are imported from older sliders (v5.x or earlier) and they used to have 100% width to handle a Bug was existing in older Revsldier.
  • Fixed import issues where padding values have been lost during the process
  • Fixed lazy load processes in comination with slide animations where images were poppin up delayed in the slider
  • Changed the slide animation precalculation to give some delay before processing to avoid frame drops
  • Various style fixes in editor
  • Default opacity values on text shadows changed from 2500 to 0.25
  • Fixed scroll bugs in editor when slide background changed from image to color based
  • Fixed global layers "overflow" option which was missing since version 6.0.1
  • Fixed video overlay issues, where dotted overlays were not drawn on the video even it was selected
  • Fixed issues where Slider Revolution widgets did not work properly in some setting constellations
  • Fixed file permissions in zip files for some very rare cases where current packaging was not consistent
  • Fixed a bug where custom css set in Sliders was stripped of slashes
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes layer image sources were not shown in the small preview thumbnail box
  • Fixed a bug with loop effects - wave animation, where start loops jumps during the animation
  • Fixed the quick style auto selection when new buttons, content or headlines had been selected
Version 6.0.4 (13th July 2019)
  • Added an "Edit" button to the Gutenberg editor Slider Revolution block
  • Fixed "Includes Libraries Globally" in combination with "List of pages to include RevSlider Libraries" not working properly
  • Fixed a bug where the preview in the slide editor did not work in certain constellations
  • Added missing hover cursor selectbox which was in some cases not available
  • Fixed permanent opening of the template library with 1st Gen. RevSlider Gutenberg Blocks
  • Fixed an issue where Carousels do fade very slow in if Transition time set to a high number
  • Fixed Static Layer Range Problems where Static Layers were showing up on each slide
  • Added protection for an update issue in case the transition list was not in the right form. (pre 5.0.0 version sources)
  • WPML icon will now not show in slide editor if WPML is not activated
  • Global enabled addons will show their state now inside of the Slider Revolution AddOn manager
  • Image lazy loading fixed
  • Fixed a bug where special characters in file names could not be preloaded well
  • Fixed different import issues where exported sliders from older versions could not be imported, or broke after import
Version 6.0.3 (12th July 2019)
  • Updated carousel behavior for a better customer experience and a more precise calculation of various positions
  • Updated the update routine to have faster access to new updates
  • Fixed color presets not being able to be saved
  • Fixed hide after loop option not working properly
  • Fixed fullwidth and fullscreen slider position calculation
  • Fixed "Hide Over" navigation elements
  • Fixed issue where the selected HTML tags for layers were not showing well after reload
  • Fixed issue where the selected font loading in global settings was not showing well after reload
  • Fixed hide slide and navigation after focus "n"
  • Fixed issues where the full slide link with scroll under broke the slider functions
Version 6.0.2 (11th July 2019)
  • Changed settings.css name to rs6.css
  • Added more old function names for further compatibility with themes
  • Fixed a bug where youtube thumbnail images were not fetched into the navigation
  • Fixed a bug where {{link}} and %link% didn't get replaced in slides
  • Fixed the global option "List of Pages to include RevSlider Libraries" to work again
  • Fixed a bug in the update routine that may take an old image path instead of the new one
  • Fixed a bug where the slider stopped to rotate after the first loop
  • Fixed background video loop issues
  • Fixed navigation under hide problems
  • Fixed RTL position issues for images and videos
Version 6.0.1 (10th July 2019)
New Features
  • Reintroduced global option "Enable Google Font Download"
  • Added old function names for compatibility with themes, please do not use these functions in future releases
    • RevSliderOutput->isPutIn()
    • RevSliderSlider->initByMixed()
    • RevSliderSlider->isAliasExistsInDB()
    • RevSliderSlider->initByAlias()
    • RevSliderSlider->initByDBData()
    • RevSliderSlider->getArrSlidersShort()
    • RevSliderSlider->getArrSlideNames()
    • RevSliderSlider->isAliasExists()
  • Removed the inclusion of the WordPress pluggable.php file to prevent wp_mail() issues with mailing plugins
  • Removed the inclusion of the WordPress pluggable.php file to prevent SECURE_AUTH_COOKIE and LOGGED_IN_COOKIE warnings
  • Fixed Greensock Sandboxing
  • Sandboxed select2.js to avoid conflicts with Fusion Builder
  • Fixed compatibility issues with ThemeFusion's Avada
  • Fixed compatibility issues with Goodlayers
  • Fixed one prototype issues in for cycles
  • Fixed opacity issues in some cases of navigation elements
  • Fixed menu imports from older templates where relative links broke the slider initialisation
  • Fixed fullscreen slider sizing and positioning issues
Version StarPath (26th February 2019)
  • Further Fixes for the "continue" warning that can appear in PHP 7.3+
Version StarPath (31th January 2019)
  • Fixed "continue" warning that can appear in PHP 7.3+
Version StarPath (5th December 2018)
  • Fixed Vimeo Video backgrounds not working properly
  • Fixed issue where an export .zip would be changed to a .cpgz
  • Fixed WPML issue where Slider fails to load on the secondary language
  • Added simple Gutenberg block for Slider Revolution
Version StarPath (5th December 2018)
  • Fixed Vimeo Video backgrounds not working properly
  • Fixed issue where an export .zip would be changed to a .cpgz
  • Fixed WPML issue where Slider fails to load on the secondary language
  • Added simple Gutenberg block for Slider Revolution
Version 5.4.8 StarPath (14th June 2018)
  • Updated Google Fonts List
  • YouTube videos now loaded from youtube-nocookie.com
    • Changed database checks to lower the query count
    • Changed line endings of two svg files from CR to CRLF
  • Fixed YouTube BG video not loading sometimes in the latest Chrome
  • Fixed incorrect Vimeo Layer position on slide change
  • Fixed WooCommerce Slider incorrectly adding all In Stock products of all categories if choosen
  • Fixed WPML Slider, incorrectly using wrong language Slides in some configurations
Version StarPath (17th March 2018)

  • Fixed a Bug where a change of Slide Length in Slide General Settings negative influences Default Transition Time
  • Added ”;” to themepunch.tools.min.js file to avoid issues by chaining files
  • Added ”;” to Slider Initialisation to avoid issues by minimising files
  • Fixed ForceRewind Video option, which will now reset Video Position before the Layer shown to avoid Frame jumps
  • Fixed and adapted to new Instagram API result format
Version StarPath (17th February 2018)
  • Further fixes for DOMContentLoaded issues where document height was not well calculated at start
  • Like
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  • Fixed DOMContentLoaded issues and extended with fall back on Document Ready State to support Deferred
  • Fixed Instagram Author not displaying correctly