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Jul 14, 2021

  • Improvements: Compatible with WordPress v5.8
  • Fixed Custom schema markup showing issue on the frontend.
  • Implemented Lazy loading for the SCSS.
  • Loading the minified JS and CSS in the back-end and front-end.
  • PHP notice due to an undefined index issue in the Sitelink schema.
  • Typography is not working on the editor for How-to steps.
  • Removed unnecessary Inherit from theme option for How-to steps link.
  • Markup issue into the FAQ Block schema.

Version 2.6.0
Jun 1, 2021

  • Added dynamic fields option for Social profiles setting.
  • Implemented Lazy loading functionality for Schema blocks.
  • Optimized blocks JS loading on the editor page.
  • Refactor FAQ and how-to blocks code-based structure.
  • Compatibility with the latest JavaScript standard rule.
  • Compatibility with the latest CSS standard rule.
  • Fixed UI icon issue on the posts/pages.
  • Fix Trim function console error issue in the FAQ schema.
  • The URL warning issue in the Product item review type in the review schema.
Version 2.5.2
21 Apr 2021
  • Remote work fields in job posting schema as per google guidelines.
  • UI is not working properly on posts/pages in the RTL mode.
  • The toggle button is not working properly for Enable/Disable schema type filter.
  • Fixed half rating issue on the front-end.

Version 2.5.1
7 Apr 2021
  • Decimal value is not accepted into the Geolocation fields of Local Business Schema.
  • FAQ block schema accessibility issue.

Version 2.5.0
25 Mar 2021
  • Custom schema markup on post or page. (Article)
  • Ajax-based schema type required field validation.
  • Added Geolocation fields in the Local Business Schema.
  • Fixed tab index issue in the FAQ block schema.
  • Fixed undefined index notice issue in the review schema.
  • ‘unstableOnSplit’ property warning issue in the How-to schema.
  • ‘onnRemove’ Unknown event handler property warning in the how-to schema.
  • Fixed the border issue on the setup wizard.

Version 2.4.0
3 Mar 2021
  • Added Review fields in the product schema.
  • Added filter to automatically fetch schema markup for WooCommerce product reviews. (Article)
  • Fixed review count field visible issue in the review schema.
  • Added missing recommended field in the event item review type.
  • Removed deprecated item name, Review image, and URL field in the review schema.
  • Fixed different language string translation issues in the plugin.
  • Fixed HTTPS not showing in test schema URL.

Version 2.3.0
19 Jan 2021
  • Dynamic Repeater fields on the post or page. (Article)
  • Added optimized Logo image size in the Organization schema.
  • Added Validation on published date and modified date in the Article schema.
  • Fixed child block not inheriting question tag from the parent block when adding a new question.
  • Bulk schema type select issue in the schema dashboard.
  • Fixed schema markup error issue in the about page and contact page schema.
  • Fixed Event attendance mode option select issue on the event schema.
  • FAQ console error when accessing child by id in the FAQ block schema.
  • Select other custom field option issue on the post or page.
  • Fixed online location markup issue inside Course schema.
  • Fixed test link is not shown on the admin bar.

Version 2.2.3
16 Dec 2020
  • PHP Deprecated: Required parameters follow optional parameters in getting meta markup function – Compatibility with PHP v8.0
  • Compatible with WordPress v5.6
  • Added Preview of FAQ block schema.
  • Added how to fields missing in the Recipe schema.
  • Added the Brand field type into the product schema.
  • Skipped loading of dependent JS file for Grid layout into the FAQ Block Schema.
  • Fixed the General tab UI issue into the Dashboard.

Version 2.2.2
9 Nov 2020
  • Added the Publisher SameAs field in the Review schema.
  • Added none option for search specific page fields in the configuration settings.
  • Fixed Front page target rule issue in the schema type settings.
  • Publisher type error issue in the about page and contact page schema.
  • The Event Attendance Mode field warning issue with event schema types.

Version 2.2.1
22 Oct 2020
  • Undefined constant SECURE_AUTH_COOKIE warning issue with multisite fixed.
  • array_intersect warning issue on plugin activation fixed.
  • The dashboard logo was not visible in the multisite fixed.

Version 2.2.0
19 Oct 2020
  • FAQ Block Schema. (Article)
  • Added multiple FAQ block schema support.
  • Added WPML compatibility for FAQ block.
  • Added post or page schema fields setting visible only for the administrator role.
  • Added `wp_schema_pro_role`filter to visible schema configuration setting on post or page.
  • Updated required fields status for Product and Organization item review type as per google guidelines.
  • Fixed JSON-LD code format issues with different languages.
  • Fixed exclude category fields configuration issue in the target rule setting.
  • Fixed the border issue after WP5.5 at the backend.
  • Fixed notice show position issue on the schema settings.
  • A knowledge Base section is not showing on the settings.
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