PowerPack Elements for Elementor

Elementor PowerPack Elements for Elementor 2.3.1

2.3.1 – March 26, 2021
  • Flip Box – Link option was not working in zoom out effect
  • Info Box Carousel, Logo Carousel – Fade, Cube and Flip effects
  • Posts – Dynamic tag was not working for Read More Button text
  • Posts – Read More Button Icon position was not working
  • Woo Add to Cart – Styling Options for Variation Products
  • Card Slider – Appearance of fraction pagination
  • Woo Product Images – Styling option for sale badge
  • Posts – Read More Button Icon spacing option
  • Woo Products – Option to “Go to Cart” in the Quick View Lightbox when a product is added to cart
  • Added support for Elementor Improved Assets Loading feature

2.3.0 – March 22, 2021
  • Random Image widget
  • Woo Products – Image size option was not working for swapped image
  • Card Slider, Content Ticker, Magazine Slider, Tiled Posts, Timeline – Query ID was not working
  • Info Box – Responsive Icon Position control was not working
  • Display Conditions – Day of the Week was not working for Sunday
  • Table – Old rows style options were not working for striped rows
  • Gravity forms was enqueuing all scripts and styles on frontend
  • HowTo – Parse error when link is added to steps text
  • Woo Mini Cart – Global color option in Remove Item Color is getting overridden by WooCommerce’s CSS
  • Instagram Feed – Removed Use API option as it was not working any more
  • Woo Products – Border radius option for add to cart button
  • Popup Box – Option to trigger Popup Box on a URL hash value
  • Woo Offcanvas Cart – Option to open offcanvas cart when a product is added to cart
  • Woo Cart – Image size option
  • Woo Categories – Image size option
  • Login Form – Option to enable/disable ajax submission
  • Image Gallery – Option to choose default filter on page load
  • Image Gallery – Option to sort photos by date
  • Image Gallery – Filters hover effects
  • Image Gallery – Filters dropdown option
  • Login Form – pp_after_user_login hook
  • Timeline – Pause on Hover option
  • Table – Updated column span and row span text fields to number fields
  • Posts – Updated code to support hash values in url for filters

2.2.7 – February 23, 2021
  • FAQ – CSS glitch with toggle icon in safari
  • Showcase – Preview title typography option was not working
  • Pricing Table – If tooltip content is left blank it was showing content from previous item’s tooltip content
  • Pricing Table – Tooltip icon was showing even if there was no tooltip content
  • Tabbed Gallery – Issue with RTL languages
  • Login Builder – Elementor login widget not working when used in PowerPack login page
  • Popup Box – Popup does not disable on Mobile and Tablet option
  • Video, Video Gallery – Self hosted video option
  • Image Hotspots – Z-index option for tooltips
  • Card Slider – ppe_card_slider_the_date_format filter hook
  • Woo Categories – ppe_woo_categories_query_args filter hook
  • Pricing Table – Settings to change color and size for tooltip icon
  • Pricing Table – Added pointer cursor if click trigger is used for tooltip

2.2.6 – February 9, 2021
  • Instagram Feed – Added compatibility with new Instagram API changes
  • Gravity forms – Label spacing option
  • Table of Contents – Offset option

2.2.5 – February 3, 2021
  • Timeline – Horizontal timeline was not working inside Advanced Accordion widget
  • Advanced Menu – Alignment option was not working for submenu items in case of Vertical menu
  • Recipe – Options to change Ingredients, Instructions and Notes title
  • Timeline – Option to show dots in horizontal timeline
  • Timeline – Option to show date in time ago format
  • Advanced Menu – Option to always show submenu in case of vertical menu
  • Advanced Accordion – Hover and active colors for Items
  • Advanced Accordion – Title bottom spacing option
  • Pricing Table – Tooltip option
  • Advanced Accordion – Updated default styling
  • Pricing Table – Updated default fonts and colors
== ==
Release date: December 18, 2019
* Added: Loading animation color option in Image Gallery widget
* Added: Option to to change size of submenu indicator in Advanced Menu widget
* Fixed: Show Buttons option was not working in Devices widget
* Fixed: Video play button was not changing to pause button while video was playing in Devices widget
* Fixed: Video progress bar in Devices widget
* Fixed: Default mute icon was not working in Devices widget
* Fixed: Removed option to change play icon in Devices widget
* Fixed: Question icon option was not working
* Enhancement: Updated dynamic option of CSV upload function to support ACF fields in Table widget
* Fixed: Custom currency option was not working in Price Table widget
* Added: Option to change currency size in Price Table widget
* Added: Option to change currency position in Price Table widget
* Fixed: Breadcrumbs were not showing product categories on single product page in Breadcrumbs widget
* Added: Support for Yoast, Rank math, Breadcrumb NavXT and SEOPress plugins in Breadcrumbs widget
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