Elementor Extras

Elementor Elementor Extras 2.2.18

= 2.2.18 =

* Added: Posts Extra — Filters infinite scroll warning
* Added: Popup — Border controls for iframe and image
* Fixed: Gallery Slider — PHP warning
* Fixed: Buttons — Theme CSS override for anchors
* Fixed: Popup — PHP warning when using placeholder image
* Fixed: Popup — Overflow hidden missing from popup content
* Fixed: Offcanvas — Restrict refreshing widget inside offcanvas panel to refreshable list
* Fixed: Scroll Indicator — Clicking bullets on mobile doesn't scroll to section when tooltips are enabled
* Tweak: Scroll Indicator — Separate control for enabling opening of tooltips on focus for better integration
* Tweak: Switcher — Convert description textarea field to WYSIWYG
* Tweak: Slide Menu — More specific selector typography control
* Tweak: Popup — Default close button size for iframe
* Tweak: Make license renewal reminder dismissable

= 2.2.17 =

* Added: Posts Extra — Option to open in new tab for Title link
* Fixed: Offcanvas — Run ready triggers for widgets inside panel when opening
* Tweak: Posts — Hide Media area if no thumbnail or placeholder even if it has content parts
* Tweak: Gallery Slider — Default thumbs spacing to 24
* Tweak: Update TweenMax version

= 2.2.16 =

* Added: Scroll Indicator — Offset for scrolling to section
* Added: Gallery Slider — Lazy load images in preview
* Added: Slide Menu — 'elementor_extras/widgets/slide_menu/nav_menu/walker_start_el' filter for walker_nav_menu_start_el hook
* Fixed: Gallery Extra — Tilt perspective issue
* Fixed: Gallery — Tilt captions depth not working
* Fixed: Global Tooltips — Distance for repositioned tooltips
* Fixed: Global Tooltips — Multiple tooltips appearing only in edit mode when changing tooltip position
* Fixed: Posts Extra — Remove posts per page setting for current query
* Fixed: Display Conditions — GET and POST not returning true for any value
* Fixed: Breadcrumbs — Minor PHP warning
* Fixed: Random Image — Error when using only one image
* Fixed: Gallery Slider — Duplicate images in Elementor lightbox when infinite loop is enabled
* Fixed: Posts Extra — Include "related" source in Price position control conditions
* Fixed: Posts Extra — Meta Key not showing when Order By is set to Meta Value (number)
* Fixed: Timeline — Meta Key not showing when Order By is set to Meta Value (number)
* Tweak: Posts Extra — Disable add to cart button when used inside a linked Media area
* Tweak: Timeline — Responsive entrance animation